Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gary Michelson, Alya Michelson upping the press, media to try to improve his image, Alyaunte

Gary Michelson has been bringing his "wife" Alya Michelson to more public events. He's even adding her name to press releases. He really wants people to think he is straight. He was "introduced" to Alya after Brooke Alexander dumped him well after 2007. Gary was also "introduced" to Brooke by someone. Let me back up for those who don't follow this blog. Alyaunte.

Gary Michelson "married" Amy Bur** around 2000. Amy filed to divorce him June 18, 2001 Case # BD371364. It was finalized in 2003. Amy's family did not like Gary Michelson and thought he was nuts. Amy was a psychology student and is now a doctor I believe. She probably knew he was nuts. She is now happily remarried to a very handsome man.

Amy is a natural beauty and very athletic. I've noticed that gay men who force themselves to marry, marry a woman who is not a threat to their sexuality. They don't marry sexy women with curves. It will be a woman who looks like a girl or a female friend when he was a child. This describes the women Gary has hung out with. The lone exception is Shane of the Bar** Twins. She is very womanly though she is married so not a threat. Even though Sia and Shane are identical twins Gary asked out the married one on a date. He knew he had nothing to worry about because she is married. She was just a "date." I'm not posting these people's full names because I'm sure they want to forget about crazy Gary.

Gary Michelson's "close friend" Neil Campbell was married. Gary Michelson felt left out of the picture without his buddy. So Gary decided to also get married so they could "double date." Neil Campbell likes women and has two daughters by two different women. Gary is "introduced" to Brooke Alexander. Brooke is educated and a "fitness model." He gives her a ring then he tells people they are engaged. Brooke heard this and told him they are not engaged and she won't marry him. Gary went crazy and they ended up in a fight. Then Gary sued her to get the ring back. Gary told all the details of this relationship to many people. The lawsuit for the ring was filed in Orange County and is public.

Earlier Gary said he didn't think he'd make a good husband or father so he wasn't going to get married again or have kids. Gary then decides that he wants to have some kids after all. He probably wants to leave a "legacy." He is "introduced" to Alya. When I first heard about her after 2007 I think she was described as having the body of a little boy, very passive, into athletics, totally looked up to Gary. She probably thought he was a smart, kind, philanthropic person like I stupidly did for a while.

2009 Gary and Alya supposedly have a little girl. 2013 Gary and Alya supposedly have a little boy. Supposedly the names are Alexandra and Sasha. Alya is sometimes called Alevtina. I don't know if this is ala turkey baster, adoption, surrogate but I highly doubt it happened in the normal way. Gary does not want to have exsay with women.

Cut to January 2014. This criminal lawsuit which Gary filed against his ex lover Neil is making him look bad. Gary repeatedly lies and tells everyone he was ripped off, defrauded. Gary did not lose a penny. Gary made a lot of money in the deals. Public is starting to realize this because documents have been posted. The public defender also stated in court that Gary is gay. It's in the minutes which I posted. I posted quite a bit of the minutes from these embarrassing hearings. If Gary had any sense, he'd tell the DA to drop the case.

Gary Michelson is also looking bad because it seems Gary Michelson gave money to DA Steve Cooley and his hand picked replacement Jackie Lacey...right before the DA went after Neil and Philip. I posted all of that here. If anyone searches Gary Michelson's name on the Internet they will see the hearing transcripts, case summaries, legal documents, campaign donations... I believe that is why Gary Michelson is now sending out a lot of press.

Seems someone is also making profiles in the name of Alya Michelson. I think a PR firm may be doing it because it all started January 30, 2014. Alya now has two facebook profiles, a Google+ profile and more. I am posting this photo for comment and nonprofit education.

In the first one she looks like a child. The photo has been heavily photoshopped. Gary probably likes this photo because she looks like a little girl who poses no threat to him.

Gary Michelson, 20 million minds

In this photo Alya again looks like a school girl. Again, this is not a threat to Gary. No makeup, no nail polish, short little kid nails, buttoned up blouse, body like a little boy. She does not appear to be a sexual being at all in this photo. The pose is kind of odd.
Gary Michelson, Russian
This is a photo taken at the USC event. She has a few wrinkles, don't we all. I don't think she should photoshop all her wrinkles. The top photo makes her look fake like a Japanese anime character. 
Gary Michelson, 20 million minds, 

All of her profiles "like" all of Gary's foundations. She also now states she went to Moscow State University for Journalism and Moscow State Institute of International studies for Economics. I find this very hard to believe. Gary just has to marry people with degrees so he can feel good about himself. He prefers a renaissance woman who is pretty, athletic, has graduate degrees, is a doctor, doesn't wear makeup and plays a musical instrument. He looked for women through a person, agent. It may not be the truth or maybe he bought her some honorary degrees. Alya has no history besides Gary. I can only hope she wises up and protects herself from Gary. His other relationships did not end well. The last one ended up with a call to the police supposedly saying Gary hit her in the head with a phone. That was Brooke. Gary has admitted he has anger issues. He told me he saw nothing wrong with throwing bottles at people. He told me he'd done it before. It is not okay to throw a bottle at anyone.

Here are Gary Michelson's last three girlfriends, wives left to right, Amy, Brooke, Alya. Same face, mouth, nose, teeth, similar eyes. All athletic, into music. Amy and Brooke are both very smart doctors with advanced degrees in psychology and medicine. We don't really know if Alya has any real degrees. She has a problem with written English. First two here dumped Gary most likely because he's crazy. The only reason I can see Alya staying with his is because she's from Russia and does not know any better. By now she must realize he's a pathological liar who is very mean. He can turn on someone in a heartbeat. One minute he loves you. Next minute he wants you dead. I could tell there was something wrong with him instantly but I thought he was merely eccentric. I should add Aimee Gilbreath to this set. She looks like an older version of Alya. She also looks like a boy, wears no makeup.

I sure hope that the money or whatever is worth selling her soul, entire life, babies to Gary. If those really are her biological kids, then she sold her babies for money as well. That is truly horrible and disgusting. If you want to sell yourself, fine but not your kids. I pity those kids. They will be all shades of totally fucked up with Gary as their dad. They will be mean, spiteful, obsessive, compulsive... I can only hope Alya gathers her sense, kids, runs away, hires the best lawyer, gets a divorce with alimony, child support and full custody.

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