Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Monday, February 3, 2014

Aimee Gilbreath, Gary Michelson says pits aren't more aggressive than other breeds. Clueless

Aimee Gilbreath, Gary Michelson, pitbull, aggressive, death, kill
Aimee Gilbreath says "pit bulls are no more aggressive than other dog breeds, yet they are constantly maligned in the press. So what's the problem? Turns out it's the owners, not the breed."

Poorly structured sentences with poor grammar aside, this is totally false. I hope someone sues the shit out of Gary Michelson when they adopt a pit from him that severely injures someone.

Research has shown that the dogs most likely to bite are chihuahua, mini pinschers and daschund. These small dogs bite out of fear. Their bites can be predicted. They cause no or little damage or injury.

Research has also shown that the dogs most likely to cause severe injury or death are molosser breeds, including pit bulls, curs, rottweilers, presa canarios, cane corsos, mastiffs, dogo argentinos, fila brasieros, sharpeis, boxers, and their mixes.

This research has been compiled over many years by many people including Merritt Clifton of Animal People. He compiled all dog bite statistics in the US and Canada from 1982 to 2013. The results show that molosser breeds cause

81% of attacks that induce bodily harm
76% of attacks to children
87% of attack to adults
72% of attacks that result in fatalities
81% that result in maiming
Embody 9.2%+ of the total dog population

More dog big statistics.

Aimee Gilbreath knows nothing about animals. She has no common sense and doesn't bother to do math. She copy/pastes urban legends from the Internet. I hope she doesn't bring her pits to Arizona to hang out with her niece unsupervised.

Recently Aimee Gilbreath wrote this ridiculous article stating pits are the best dogs, least likely to be aggressive, they are "nanny dogs." That's total bullshit.

This is why Gary Michelson is so effed up. Ever since he got the $1.3B he surrounds himself with ass kissers. Ass kissers make Gary who is very insecure yet egotistical and mentally ill feel good. Gary Michelson says "pits are the best dog ever, least aggressive." Aimee Gilbreath knows who butters her bread so she repeats his bullshit. She is the Director of Found Animals Foundation. She works for Gary Michelson. You would think she might care to give him proper information. Nope, she's just like all of Michael Jackson's enablers, "sure, Mike invite poor kids over for slumber parties and shower time," "take extremely dangerous propofol just to go to sleep," "waste millions on overpriced replica art from sleazy con men..." And that is why Michael Jackson is dead, also why Elvis died. This is also why Gary Michelson is getting crazier by the minute. Based on his appearance in the last two weeks he is out of his mind.

Gary Michelson, $50 million cake, Found Animals Foundation, USC, 20 million minds
I have a quick theory. Gary Michelson gave $50,000,000 to USC even though he didn't go to school there, has nothing to do with the school. Heck UCLA is down the street from him. Why not donate there? I think Aimee Gilbreath, her husband Jonathan Daves who consults with non-profits, maybe Cohen or someone who knows Gary got a commission to get Gary to give $50,000,000. Yes, USC has been kissing his ass. They even baked him a fricking cake when he gave them the money! USC admitted they pay commissions to recruit students. I bet they paid someone a commission to get Gary to fork over the 50 million. Gary Michelson is again being used. He has no friends and no one willing to look out for him. He deserves it.

If a regular person looks at the pic above, they can see the three USC guys are super fake smiling and clapping. Gary is looking at them like "they like me, they really, really like me and think I'm grrrreat. They even baked me a cake!"

It's funny that a few years ago Gary Michelson spent $40 to buy a cake for a family holiday with his ex-wife. Supposedly all throughout the party he complained about the price of the cake. He said there couldn't be more than $1 or $2 in materials. He felt he was cheated. Two weeks ago Gary Michelson gave USC $50,000,000. They gave him a cake (see pic above). I doubt that cake has more than $2 in materials. I wonder if he feels he was cheated? I hope they let him blow out the candles.

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