Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Friday, October 18, 2013

Gary Michelson is a homosexual who probably sued Campbell for "personal" reasons

I have been skirting around this issue because for me it's a non-issue. No one cares about the sexual orientation of Gary Michelson. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Everyone has always assumed he was gay. I sure did but I never said it because I wasn't positive. Gary also wants people for some reason to think he's straight even though he's had gay "friends" before. I was told he and Wayne Pacelle of HSUS used to travel Italy together. When I was going through Gary's family tree there are actually quite a few homosexual males. I won't name names even though they are out, out, out and their families are fine with it. I personally think being a homosexual is genetic. Who would want to go through the tough teenage years being gay. It's tough enough for a straight person. At least things are getting easier but they probably weren't easy as a Russian Jew in Philadelphia in the 1950's. Probably one big reason he moved to Cali. We don't care about anyone's sexual orientation here.

I finally got ahold of hearing transcripts in the Powers case. In public court the following was stated,

 "Mr. Campbell was Mr. Michelson's lover for many years. This whole, the C & M Investments which you see in the Panamanian (Costa Rican?) company is Campbell and Michelson. So Mr. Michelson had certain feelings that this to do broke up something in his life."

Below is a jpg of the page from the transcript, page 23 of the June 7, 2013 bail hearing. Click the image to see larger, line five where there is a red arrow.

Dr. Gary Michelson is a homosexual #homosexual #GaryMichelson #LosAngeles #California #lawsuit #complaint was Neil Campbell's lover. This is why Gary is pursuing him, suing him #criminal Gary Karlin Michelson, G Karlin Michelson, Medtronic billionaire forbes crazy, liar perjury mentally ill.
The real reason Gary Michelson filed false criminal complaints against Neil Campbell has to do with their "relationship." Gary Michelson and Neil spent a lot of time together, traveled together, went waterskiing, snow skiing... Gary told some media that he felt betrayed by a "close friend," "dear friend," "long time friend," and "his former best friend and partner." Neil was obviously a "close" friend. It seems Neil wasn't quite as into it as Gary. Neil got married and had a baby which he totally adores. Gary tried to get married but even though he paid her $5,000,000 to stay married to him, she filed for divorce. Michelson then tried to get another beard woman to marry him but she refused. He was so upset he ended up getting into a bit of a tussle over the engagement ring. I was told by a friend of Gary's that police were called. This was Brooke the person he sued for the ring. People think Alya his current beard is a Russian mail order bride. I wonder if she's getting $5,000,000 a year like Gary's first wife? I think Gary is making up the story that is a journalism and business major who used to be a correspondent for the Kremlin. It just sounds too fishy.

Hell hath no fury like a woman Gary Michelson scorned. I think Gary going after Powers is just collateral damage. Powers is straight but Michelson needed someone to beat to death with his wallet. Perhaps Michelson is attacking Powers to spite his friend Campbell? Who knows. All I know is that this case is very corrupt. I do think that Gary wants Neil in jail so he'll get the crap beaten out of him and then some. Gary probably also wants to keep Neil from seeing his daughter Ruby whom he loves more than anything. Neil's kid is probably the only thing keeping Neil alive at the moment.

I'll post more tomorrow. In case I'm not heard from again I finally received the transript of the June 7, 2013 bail hearing for Powers Criminal Case # BA409225 Judge Renee Korn. I have a copy of a copy of a copy so I can't cut/paste the words. That's why I posted the image so you can see the original source.

Below is page one of the transcript so you can see it's official. Below that is the court reporter's certification so you can see it's certified.

Gary Michelson, DA Jackie Lacey, Robert Knowles

Gary Michelson, DA Jackie Lacey, transcript, official

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