Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Monday, September 9, 2013

Dr. Gary Michelson has specially bred 95 lb pitbull named "Bull" that is not neutered, doesn't use leash

Hypocritical Gary Michelson has a specially bred purebred pitbull named "Bull." 

"A ninety-five-pound American pit bull terrier with a square head green eyes, and a buckskin coat, Bull lounges poolside like a canine Johnny Weissmuller. Always nearby is his best pal, a sleek rescue whippet named Gracie. Bull packs star power. The muscles in his body show breeding that includes a weight-pull champion grandmother named Dragon." The book is copyrighted from 2007. That means it was probably made 2006 when Gary Michelson first started the Found Animals Foundation. I met him in February 2006 and met Bull and Gracie. Below should be Facebook video of a weight pull contest. These dogs end up with hip dysplasia, spinal injuries. Who would want their dog to do this?

If he wanted another pit, he should have adopted it from the shelter. The images came from Google book. They are free to share. The author allowed a few pages of her book to be posted. 

You can tell this is Gary Michelson's home because it matches the satellite view. Plus, I've been to his home. When I worked for him he worked out of his home. That is where we would meet. His dog is not neutered and he lets it roam. Gracie is indeed Gary Michelson's other dog. A hypocrite and irresponsible!

Dr. Gary Michelson uses his home address on his patents here "MICHELSON, GARY KARLIN#13140 BOCA DE CANON LANE#LOS ANGELES, CA 90049 (US) -TRANSFER TO- SDGI HOLDINGS, INC.#300 DELAWARE AVENUE, SUITE 508#WILMINGTON, DE 19801" Because he has shared it publicly, I will share it. Zoom in to see the pool.

Below is a photo of Gary Michelson with Bull and Gracie. Forbes magazine said his "dog is the size of a couch." Gary is 6'1" or so for reference. I've seen the dog. This is the dog that was in the street when I arrived at Gary's home. I brought it into the house by its collar. That's when I saw it had testicles. Gary says "Hi, Mary" and I reply with "your dog isn't neutered!" He said "he doesn't need to be. He doesn't mount other dogs." Yes, he does. Then I told him his dog was in the street. He said "he doesn't go far. He's fine." 

Gary Karlin Michelson cropped his Bull's ears. I'm glad he didn't also crop his tail. Still, cropping ears is even more hypocritical. 

More evidence that is his dog. He "adopted" Bull just like President Obama "adopted" Bo. Hypocrite and a liar. Bull is still alive. If he adopted dogs from 2002 forward, Bull would be 12. Bull is not 12 years old. If he adopted Bull, how does he know that his grandmother was a weight-pull champion? And, why would be brag about it? If I adopted an ex-fighting dog, I wouldn't say "He killed five dogs during his prime!"

"A very private man, Michelson doesn't give interviews too often, so Dogster was lucky to secure a sit-down with himat his Los Angeles home. Making themselves perfectly at home inMichelson'sliving room during ourtalk werehis beloved K9 crew: the pit bulls Bull and Honey (two of the most adorable, affectionate dogs I have ever met); a German Shepherd named Abby; and Princess Grace the Whippet.

Obviously Michelson could have any dog he wanted - even if he had to import a pet from overseas or, say,a distant planet. And yet he chooses to adopt dogs from his local animal shelter.

Michelson remembers the first time he visited amunicipal animal shelter. The year was 2002, and he was seeking to curethe nuisance of ducks and geese living onthe Venice canals, where he lived at the time. "The city was killing these birds because they said they carried disease," he recalls. "So I went to the shelter to see if it was possible to move them out humanely."

That's when he saw dogs behind bars for the very first time. "It changed me," he says. "I was surprised. These animals deserved a life, and I realized that if I go to a breeder for a dog, one of these dogs would die."

From that day forward, Michelson has been a committed adopter who tirelessly urges his fellow dog lovers to choose the adoption option. "Every time you go to get a dog from a breeder, a dog in a shelter dies," he says simply. "You make a choice: Save a dog or kill one. And 50 percent of the dogs that are killed here in Los Angeles shelters are pit bulls."

Here's another thing. If he first went to the shelter in 2002 and saw the problem, why did he wait until 2006 to start to do something about it? He just let those dogs die in the shelter all those years. He probably visited West Los Angeles shelter. That shelter is almost nokill as it is. In the article he talks about why it's wrong to buy from a breeder ... YET HE BOUGHT FROM A BREEDER! Click images if you want to see larger. 

FTR Gary Michelson will give an interview to anyone who asks. He'll show up for the opening of an envelope if you five him an award, positive press or a medal. Here he is happily accepting an award for nothing.

Below is Dr. Gary Michelson's criminal record. It is only tickets for having his dogs off leash. He didn't care about his dog being off leash. He just paid the tickets. This is when he rented a place in Manhattan Beach I think. He lived at 117 38th Pl, Manhattan Beach, CA until 1985. Then he bought a place at 438 Sherman Canal, Venice, CA for $310K, 5+3, 2,354 sf on 2,850 lot, sold for $1,395,000 in 2003. Then he bought 13140 Boca De Canon, Los Angeles, CA 90049 for $4,775,000, 5+6, pool, 6,887 sf. That is where he is now.

Name: MICHELSON , GARY KCase Number SBAM12535-01 Filed At Torrance Courthouse Filing Date 07/23/1984 Limited Jurisdiction
Name: MICHELSON , GARY K Case Number SBAM12544-01 Filed At Torrance Courthouse Filing Date 09/05/1984 Limited Jurisdiction
Name: MICHELSON , GARY Case Number SBAM12725-01 Filed At Torrance Courthouse Filing Date 10/02/1984 Limited Jurisdiction
Name: MICHELSON , GARY K Case Number SBAM12883-01 Filed At Torrance Courthouse Filing Date 11/05/1984 Limited Jurisdiction
Name: MICHELSON , GARY K Case Number SBAM12995-01 Filed At Torrance Courthouse Filing Date 12/17/1984 Limited Jurisdiction
Name: MICHELSON , GARY K Case Number SBAM13085-01 Filed At Torrance Courthouse Filing Date 01/09/1985 Limited Jurisdiction
Name: MICHELSON , GARY K Case Number SBAMB12408-01 Filed At Torrance Courthouse Filing Date 06/25/1984 Limited Jurisdiction
Name: MICHAELSON , GARY K Case Number SBAM13027-01 Filed At Torrance Courthouse Filing Date 01/14/1985 Limited Jurisdiction

I'm starting to understand why Gary Michelson would align with unwanted animals, unwanted breeds, animals kicked out of the home. It's because his mom and dad did not want him. They kicked him out and gave him to his grandmother. His mom and dad thought he was ugly, stupid, strange...so they got rid of him. That is why he aligns with unwanted animals, because he is one of them.

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  1. We can only hope that if this Pitbull GOES PITBULL it attacks Gary and no one else.