Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gary Michelson, 20 Million Minds, taking credit for the work of others

I watched Gary Michelson's silly 20 Million Minds video again because I wasn't exactly sure about two things he said. I thought he said he patented a new microchip and child's booster chair. He said he invented those things. If he invented those things, he didn't patent them. Who is to say he even invented them. When Gary Michelson starts story telling he gets carried away and things fly out of his mouth that are not true. I can't find evidence of either.

While watching the video I decided to check out Gary Michelson's supposed partners in 20 Million Minds. I found it odd they would partner with him when he's so crazy. 20 Million Minds isn't really a partner in these things with these groups. Gary Michelson via 20 Million Minds has donated money to openstax College. Openstax has been around since 2011 and is the actual entity making the free books for the basic classes. Other people who have also donated money to openstax are The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Maxfield Foundation. I didn't think Bill Gates would want to have anything to do with Gary if he were to meet him. Bill could see through him I would think. All of these foundations are not partners. They are just donors to openstax. That's it.

Openstax is the one who had the idea, plan and has already made FREE text books starting in 2011. They've already made the most basic books. In Gary's silly video he is taking credit for what openstax has done. Gary acts like it was his idea and 20 Million Minds who wrote the books and did everything. No, they didn't. That's like me donating $5 to HSUS then I make a video stating that I am actually the one that saved a million animals, got bills passed, raised $50,000,000.... Maybe I should donate $5 each to PETA, HSUS, ASPCA and take credit for all of their work. I could say I personally saved millions of animals and am "changing the world!"

Gary Michelson in his crazy video is saying he's going to revolutionize text books by making them digital. He's going to have colleges be online. These things already happened over ten years ago. I haven't taken a live real estate class or used a paper text book in 15 years. It's all online. He says he's going to "deconstruct" the text book biz like iTunes "deconstructed" the music industry. iTunes didn't "deconstruct" the music industry. You can now buy music as digital files buying entire albums or just single songs. You could do that before with CDs or LPs even. In fact iTunes sells and gives away free books that you can read on your free iBook app. Here's a pic of my iPhone bookshelf with my free books. My books are free. *** sold their manual for free online with a link to the file. I just updated to iOS7 and they got rid of the wood bookshelf. I actually liked it.

Gary Michelson, 20 Million Minds, free books, MOOC, classes

Gary also states he's working with code academy, khan academy, udemy, straight-line, p2pu, coursera. No, he's not. These are things which already exist. They are not his partners. That's again like me saying I work with IDA, LCA....just because I saw their website online.

Most people know this. Gary Michelson didn't go online until maybe very recently. He refused to email or use the internet when I knew him in 2006 and probably for a few years after that. We would fax to him. He would call us on the phone. I think his lawyer also told him to do this for legal reasons. Then he could deny everything. Gary forgets that I video and audio taped some meetings. Gary thought he'd make LA "nokill" so he was gathering footage for a documentary which would show him saving all of LA's animals. Instead all he's done is "say" that he saved all the animals in LA. He lies to Forbes and says he turned all of the animal shelters into adoption centers. So much bullshit. People in the know, know he's a fraud and a flake.

Again, at the end of the video Gary gets all inspirational and says "what we will do is going to change the WORLD!!!" He says "there will be no textbooks in grammar school. They'll get an ereader for $65 or less from India. It will be shatter, water proof." LAUSD gave their students indestructible iPads made for kids.* There are no books, here, in Los Angeles, last year. Again, Gary says "there will be a guy learning physics in Zimbabwe in a hut learning in his own language!!!!" We did this years ago. I even posted a pic. Either Gary needs to cut back on the drugs or he needs more drugs. I hope there is a drug for delusional.

*The LAUSD program includes iPads at a cost about $700/each which includes the curriculum. These are not just books but include exams, quizzes, homework, are interactive on wifi. It's a $1B program to give iPads to all 640,000 LAUSD elementary school students by the end of 2014. They legally need computers to take their tests. Since 1994 (20 years!) all real estate appraiser, broker exams are taken on laptops. January 3, 1994 I took my appraiser exam on a laptop in Pasadena. I predict very soon all kids will have an iPad like tablet which will be their phone, school books, homework, notes... All the kids and even babies I know use ipads. There are lots of games that babies play to learn coordination, recognition, words... Below is a pic of the LAUSD iPad. You see the digital books in their digital bookshelf, book pages, highlighted areas, hyperlinks. My old iPhone has all of this built in for free. I can read free textbooks on my currently old iPhone 4.0 for free. I can highlight, save, send... The technology is already here. It's been here for years. Gary Michelson just had never seen it before because he didn't go online until very recently.

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