Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gary Michelson's Director Aimee Gilbreath makes more mistakes, Found Animals Foundation

Gary Michelson's Director Aimee Gilbreath makes more mistakes. This will probably be the last one I post for now though there are many more. Many animal experts kept correcting Aimee Gilbreath's posts. What would she do? Listen to their polite advice? No. She would delete their post then ban them from the group. Her first year as the Director she made a few mistakes PER DAY. That is what happens when you hire a business major over someone with experience running a non-profit pro-animal organization. 

Aimee Gilbreath said it's okay to leave your cat alone for two to three days by itself. It's not okay or legal. She posted a link to an article which was deleted because it gave bad information. I posted the link under the pic.

I left a comment stating it's not a good idea or legal. Aimee Gilbreath deleted my post. Other people posted that it's not a good idea. Aimee deleted their posts as well. Someone who saw my post then noticed it was deleted pm'd me. I told her my post was deleted by Aimee. Aimee also deleted one of her posts. And this is why Gary Michelson gets such bad advice. He hires totally inexperienced ass kissers.

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