Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Friday, November 14, 2014

Yesterday's hearing in Gary Michelson criminal case, ex-Forbes billionaire

Powers and Campbell appeared in court on Thursday morning in front of Judge Richman to hear a motion their attorney, Jonathan Michaels, filed to reduce a count of Felony down to a Misdemeanor. This follows on the Proposition that passed a week ago, (Prop. 47) reducing felonies to misdemeanors on first time offenders.

The D.A. in charge, Mr. Robert Knowles, was a no show and filling in for him was Ms. Winetraub.  Though the motion was filed on Wed. the day before, Ms. Winetraub said she had not received it until that morning of the hearing and asked for it to be heard on another day.

The Judge said he thought it was premature to grant a Misdemeanor for Powers and Campbell since he had not seen the Probation report on either of the defendants.  The Probation report is necessary to assure the court that neither Powers or Campbell has a criminal record.

Winetraub tried to argue the motion saying she believed the count should remain a felony and the Judge strongly disagreed with her.  So the sentencing was to be on the 9th of Dec. but it seems that Ms. Winetraub was unable to appear then so she requested a date of the 15th of Dec.  The Judge granted the date of the 15th of Dec. to hear two motions, one, to dismiss the entire count due to "Prejudice" and the second, to reduce the count to a misdemeanor if not dismissed.  Either way, Powers and Campbell would have the option to appeal the count but if it's a misdemeanor the question would be, "is it really worth it"?   It's equivalent to a shoplifting violation, time served and probably no fine as the Jurors found no enhancements and no restitution for the "alleged" victim.  Of course they know that Michelson made millions off this deal with Powers and Campbell.

When is every body going to get it, this is personal and Gary used and manipulated the U.S Judicial system to dole out his vengeance for him against Richard and Neil.  After what Gary said to Knowles after the closing arguments I would say by now Mr. Knowles is figuring out what kind of monster Michelson really is.  He probably has already been demoted or fired at the request of Gary.  Gary has made death threats to many people who he doesn't get his way with so if I were Knowles I'd be looking over my shoulder for strangers lurking in the night.  I know how Gary thinks, just ask Dave his X-partner.  He's another victim of Gary's.  Ask Henry, the Gardner.  Ask Richard and Neil.  There are many more that have yet to be mentioned who have been threatened and sued by him for almost no reason at all.  "Hell hath no fury like a Gay billionaire scorned" hiding behind a phony family life.

I've said this before and it's still true today.  The D.A.'s office should file charges against him for Perjury, false reports, abuse of process and I'm sure they could think of something else.  They came up with plenty for Richard and Neil.  The story is just beginning to get interesting.  Stay Tuned.

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