Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Sunday, November 16, 2014

All the Kings Money and Humpty Dumpty: One and the same Dr Gary Michelson

For those of you who have been following my blog since I started it September 9, 2013 on the Powers/Campbell case you will remember that from the time Powers and Campbell were arrested I kept saying they were innocent.  I didn't really know for sure but I suspected, knowing Gary Michelson, that this was another one of his revenge treks.  He's been doing this for years in the Civil Courts but I believe this is the first time he's taken it this far in the criminal courts.

So I started doing my own investigation, and by no means do I have the resources that the Los Angeles D.A.'s office has but none the less I began researching this case Gary brought against Richard and Neil on my own with my limited resources.  Before Richard was even out of Jail last Sept. of 2013 I was pretty sure he was innocent. But almost one year ago to the day when this trial started on Oct. 16th 2014 I had written in my blog that I discovered evidence that Richard Powers was innocent.

Michelson had filed the exact claim against Richard in Costa Rica in 2007 and by 2010, 3 years later, they dismissed his case.  They discovered there was no crime and  even suggested that Gary Michelson was a "Liar".  Yes, it was refiled by the Attorney General but evidence points that Michelson had great influence in getting that done, just like he did here with his influence on his good friend, Steve Cooley, the L.A. D.A. at the time.

I've re-posted my blog below so you can review. Then I followed up with more evidence I discovered in future blogs.  I even contacted the D.A., Robert Knowles, and informed him of these facts and they ignored me.  I specifically told Knowles that Gary Michelson has filed false criminal complaints in the past with LAPD. He filed a totally false complaint about his ex-director. The LAPD told me, Mayor...that Gary Michelson was "crazy." There was no crime. I sent this to the DA Robert Knowles. I was alerted to this case via my Google news clipping service for keyword "Gary Michelson."

Below is the email I sent to DA Robert Knowles about this case. I just * out the name of Gary's previous victim. I sent this September 2013. The DA knew Gary was a lying fraud yet they continued with the case wasting tax payers a lot of money.

"From: Mary Cummins <mmmaryinla@aol.com>
Date: September 22, 2013 3:20:17 PM PDT
To: rknowles@da.lacounty.gov
Subject: Who is public defender for Neil David Campbell?

Can you tell me who is the PD for Neil David Campbell? You are assigned to the case from the DA's office, case # LACBA409225-02. I have some information I need to give to his PD. He needs to see this case i.e. Dave ****** vs Gary Michelson Case # SC095697 from October 2007. http://www.marycummins.com/dave_loftus_v_gary_michelson_redacted.pdf It's an almost identical situation. Gary's "advances" on ****** were refused. Gary sought vengeance by filing a false criminal complaint against him falsely stating he embezzled and stole money. LAPD investigated and stated no crime had been committed. Gary Michelson then contacted Ed Boks and the Mayor's office asking us to tell the LAPD to arrest ******. I worked for both Gary and the City at that time. We spoke with the LAPD. They told us no crime was committed. They stated Gary is a "liar," and "crazy." I gave those emails to Dave ****** who used them when he sued Gary for defamation. Gary settled that case within two months. I'm no attorney but as I view the documents in the civil case upon which the criminal case is based I don't believe a crime was committed. Gary lost no money. He made a lot of money. Courts have ruled you can't sue for "loss of a bargain" when you knowingly agree to purchase something at a specified price. Thanks.

Mary Cummins"

They've known for more than a year that these guys were innocent but they pursued with this case anyway.  You may say, "well they were found guilty of one felony count" from 141 counts filed against them.  But I've done my homework and what I see from the Jurors verdict is that they found "No Amount" for restitution and they found them innocent on the enhancement charges.  Which means this should be a 901.1 or 484(a) violation or a petty theft violation of less than $950 or less than $50. It's still very odd to me they could be found guilty of even one county when the jury stated they didn't take a penny.

I don't know why Powers and Campbell need to have a Probation report when this falls under another code not affected by Prop. 47.  This is an automatic misdemeanor, petty theft violation.  Simple as that. I think the Jurors flipped a coin because one of them wanted a guilty and all of them wanted to go home.  They were sleeping through most of the trial anyway  sometimes three jurors at the same time.

In any case it's a far cry from the alleged $28 Million Dollar theft Jackie Lacey claimed in her press conference last June 2013. What I don't get is that the D.A.'s office must have known these guys were innocent yet the politics of Gary Michelson continued to influence the D.A.'s office.  It makes me wonder how much money did Gary really pay Steve Cooley over and above his campaign contributions or what was he promised.  Cooley has a consulting firm where he "helps people maneuver around the Judicial system".  I'll bet if you start looking at all those companies owned by Michelson, I posted in my last blog, you'll find that one of those companies paid millions to Cooley for advice on something and that something was to insure that Powers and Campbell would spend the rest of their lives in Jail.

Boy I'll bet Gary Michelson is furious right now thinking, he spent $50M to U.S.C. trying to influence Cooley and impressing the Judges of Los Angeles County Court.  He probably spent another $30M pursuing Richard and Neil over the last 7 years and who knows where else he's left money trying to get favor from people whom he wants so desperately to believe his story.  And all that money spent by the D.A.'s office, must be millions as well, all for a conviction on a $50 petty theft charge.

The trial proved two important things. One, Gary Michelson is a liar and a thief. Two, he made between $6M and $12M selling half of his Costa Rican properties and still retaining almost half or approx. 10,000 acres (according to his own CFO) of his lands there and of that approx. 4,000 acres of that are ocean view properties. (according to his own Costa Rican farm manager).

Richard and Neil made him millions, as I've been saying for more than a year, but no one in the D.A.'s office would listen to me.  It could have saved the people of Calif. millions of dollars and the D.A.'s office a big embarrassment.  The D.A. can still save some face.  They should bring charges against Gary Michelson, for Abuse of Process, false testimony, perjury.

Deputy District Attorney Steve Lopez of L.A. is also a USC graduate and was somehow involved in the Powers/Campbell case.  He took over for Knowles last year during the bail hearings for Mr. Powers.  He was the person who got County Council to reject the bail proposal and later with Knowles came up with the phony $3.4 million dollar appraisal with their own appraiser on Gary Ashe's house which the Judge overruled, saying she believed the property was worth North of $10M and several other appraisal's were in the $9M dollar range. There was so much corruption between Michelson and the D.A.'s office. What was that luncheon meeting between Michelson, Cooley and all the high level D.A. personnel really about?  Will we ever know?

There I go, repeating myself again.  "All the Kings men and all the Kings money, couldn't put Humpty Dumpty Gary, back together again".  You LOST again Gary.  Get a life, it's time to move on and be happy with what you have.  Don't you have two kids and a wife to take care of? Or do you pay someone to take care of them as well?

"Friday, October 18, 2013

Breaking news!!! Just found documents which prove Philip Powers is innocent!

I've been making calls, emailing trying to get ahold of documents in the civil case Michelson v Campbell, Powers and the criminal cases against those two here in LA and in Costa Rica. Thank god I speak Spanish and know my way around the LA court system a little.

I have uncovered the transcript from the application for acquittal of Philip Richard Powers in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican courts wanted to acquit Powers stating there was no crime. "Application for final acquittal. Case: 07-001578-283-PE. Versus: Phillip Richard Powers. Crime: fraudulent management. Plaintiff: C and M Investment Group Limitada.Messrs.: Pavas Criminal Court. Third Judicial Circuit."

In this document the Court clearly states that there was NEVER an agreement for Powers to get a 6% commission on land sales to Gary Michelson. While Gary Michelson stated many times that there is such a document he was NEVER able to produce it. Obviously, Gary Michelson is lying. I believe that is perjury. He lied in his legal statement about me. He definitely committed perjury here in Los Angeles in my case. Plus, 6% commission on land sales in Costa Rica makes no sense.

The Court ruled that Powers was paid to plant and maintain teak farms which he did. The Court ruled that Powers bought the land as an independent individual. He did not buy the land for Gary Michelson or the C & M Investment group, i.e. Campbell and Michelson. The documents clearly show that Powers bought the land on his own, cleared title, removed squatters, prepared the land for teak farms and then sold the properties to Gary Michelson for a price Gary Michelson agreed upon after consulting his experts.

The document goes on to state that not only did Powers not defraud Gary Michelson but Gary Michelson did not lose any money. It turns out Gary Michelson made a lot of money. On top of this after Gary Michelson complained about the deals Powers offered to buy the properties back for what Gary Michelson paid. Gary Michelson refused because the properties were worth more. Powers then offered double what Michelson paid for the properties and Gary Michelson again refused.

The Costa Rican Court has clearly showed that Gary Michelson is a liar. Over the course of a few years Gary Michelson could NEVER produce a contract which stated 6% commission. The Court even stated that 6% commission does not make any sense in land deals in Costa Rica. Court stated no one would broker land deals for 6% commission. Court stated no crime was committed and Powers should be acquitted.

I'll post docs in the morning. Formatting is falling apart on me. I have official court documents."

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