Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thoughts on Costa Rica land deeds. Why didn't they present them besides not translating them. They would prove defendants are innocent.

I've been doing some research on Powers' case both in the civil and criminal here in Los Angeles and something didn't make a lot of sense to me.  All through the civil case and the criminal case Michelson keeps saying he sent the money down to Powers in advance to buy the properties.  Powers says he paid for the properties first then "flipped" them to Michelson and made a profit.  It seems that if there was a crime against Michelson the D.A. only needed to do a couple of things to prove it.  It's so easy to figure out.

First one must make a timeline between when Michelson sent 100% of the money down for a particular property #.  Not just the deposit for the option but actually paid for the property and had it entered in the Costa Rican registry.  That would give the exact date the property was actually registered.  Now get the exact date Michelson sent the balance of the funds down to pay for the property.  Now you should have two dates, probably within days of each other.  Now I understand Powers bought his properties and put them in many different corporations, in fact he created a separate corporation for each purchase if I understand that correctly.  In the registry there will be a date when Mr. Powers purchased that property and it was registered in his corporation name. Now look at the date Mr. Powers' company purchased the property, look at the date of Michelson's wire for that particular property and look at the date when the property was registered to Michelson which is actually in his company name of C & M for Campbell/Michelson.

So the first thing you could prove by doing this is that Powers in fact either got the money from Michelson before Michelson purchased the property or Powers got the money after Powers owned the property and sold to Michelson.  Since Michelson was actually the "Manager" of C & M, Powers needed a P.O.A. from Michelson in order to sell the property to Michelson and transfer it to his Company, C & M. This would give you another date.  Are you still with me there people?? I know its confusing. That's the first thing the D.A. really needed to prove.  But they didn't.  Why?  I'll get back to that in a minute.

Now the next thing they needed to prove is how much did Mr. Powers buy the properties for?  They know how much he sold it for to Michelson. There's a ton of documents showing that. The problem with Costa Rica registration process is that you don't have disclose to the registry the amount you actually pay for the property so everyone reports a much lesser amount, usually 10% of what you actually paid for the property.  This explains why Michelson in his early Civil lawsuits against Powers and other amended civil and criminal complaints, claims that Powers marked up the properties a 1,000 % or 870% as I saw in one document.

So that means if Powers bought a 100 acre farm for $100,000 he might report that he paid $10,000 or 10% of the actual value.  This saves taxes for both the buyer and seller. So I'm thinking this would have been perfect for Mr. Knowles to use the Costa Rican registry numbers to bury Mr. Powers. But he didn't.  Why? Knowles had the C.R. deeds since 2012 or the latest sometime in 2013. It didn't make any sense to me for a long time.  During the prelims Knowles, had come to court with a stack 2 feet high with all the Costa Rican registry records showing a price and date when Mr. Powers purchased those properties.  Judge Pastor asked Knowles, "are those documents translated in English".  "No, not yet", was the reply from Knowles.  "Then I won't allow them", said Judge Pastor.

OK, that would have been an expensive undertaking to translate deeds from 140 properties pertaining to all the counts, but then at the end of the Prelims, Judge Pastor dismisses 134 of the counts leaving only 6 counts.  There were in these 6 counts about 24 properties left.  Now Knowles spends hundreds of thousands bringing people up from Costa Rica to testify on some computers but he won't spend about $1,000 to have all these documents translated into English. Only 24 properties now. That just doesn't make any sense.

OK, so now Knowles has 2 months to get ready for trial.  So you'd think he'd go and get these Deeds translated and submit them to the court for trial.  They show up for trial on or about Aug. 25th in front of Judge Kathleen Kennedy and not only does he not have the Deeds translated but he isn't ready.  So the Judge dismisses the case in it's entirety.  Now there's a rule in Calif. if a case is dismissed for any reason, the D.A. has one opportunity to refile.  So he did, within minutes of it being dismissed and a new trial is set with a window of 2 months.  Again, Knowles has this opportunity to get those Deeds translated, but he doesn't.  Why?  It doesn't make sense.  I mean he could tear Powers' story apart, especially with the low value associated with the C.R. registry.  It would have made Powers look like he made $20 million dollars or more on a $25 million dollar sale.  So why not use that, unless what Powers has been saying all along was true, that he did purchase those properties with his own money and then flipped it to Michelson.

I'll bet what happened is Knowles got the 2 foot thick binder of deeds from the Costa Rican registry and had a Spanish translator start writing the dates down as to when each property was purchased by Powers and registered in his company name.  Then they looked at Michelson's wire transfers to Mr. Powers' bank, corresponding to the property number and discovered on every transaction, Michelson's money to purchase the property offered by Powers actually came after Mr. Powers already had cleared title and was actual owner of said property.  They knew then Michelson was lying.  This would have and should have ended the case right there in its tracks.  But because of Michelson's political pressure, Knowles had to manufacture another way in order to try and prove Powers was an employee of Michelson's and that he was paid a salary of $1,000 per month and that Powers skimmed $ off the top of the sales.  But since it made no real sense, Michelson came up with a fantastic story that Powers actually agreed to these terms orally:

Michelson: "I will send you all the money up front to buy that property, you just add 6% to the cost and with that 6% you pay all your other brokers, expenses, closing fees, property surveys, legal fees, taxes etc. and you can keep what's left over".   WOW, what a generous offer that must have been.  Powers would have had to pay for the privilege of selling properties out of his own pocket to Michelson.  No wonder it was only oral and no document of that 6% was ever found. Because it never HAPPENED people.  The C.R. closing fees total up to almost 3 1/2 % according to Michelson's testimony in this trial, then you have survey fees, who knows what that is then you have taxes and who knows what else if you don't have other brokers to pay.  

Anyway it makes sense now why Knowles shows up to trial with no registered documents from the Costa Rican registry.  He HAD them, he didn't use them because it Proved Powers' case was a Malicious, Frivolous, abuse of process case, entered in by corrupt D.A.'s and Politicians.  It proved Michelson was a liar and his top supporter, Steven Cooley would have been very embarrassed if he would have to say to Jackie Lacey, "Oh gee Jackie, uh, I think we made a mistake on the Powers/Campbell case.  We need to drop it",   "OH shit Steve, I just released a "Press Release" saying we just captured Mr. Campbell, Powers' co-conspirator for stealing $28M Dollars".  "Well Michelson is a liar",  "well, that's too bad, we're not dropping this case, so figure out what we need to do to prosecute these guys otherwise both our heads are gonna roll, I JUST GOT ELECTED" Notice they removed that Press Release from their list of PRs on their website. I had to point Google to the DA's site to search their files for me. That is totally legal. If they have anything private, it's their job to password protect it.

They are all going to be caught and a few Political careers are going to be over as well as some jobs at the top.  I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Knowles will be retiring at the end of next week.  I'm sure Michelson will be putting pressure to get him fired after his performance on Friday.  Wonder if Cooley is still a friend of his.  I would think Cooley would want to distance himself as far away as possible from Michelson.

So it all makes sense now.  Powers registered deeds prove he owned the properties before any of Michelson's money ever went to C.R.  That's why the D.A. never used those documents or tried to get them translated and entered into court, it would have proved Powers never did anything wrong and there would be no case, period. I posted the link to the CR land registry here before. It's online in CR Spanish. Anyone can look and search.

After this is all over I'm sure there will  be a book about this. I'm sure Neil and Richard could tell everyone some pretty interesting stories.

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