Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jury verdict is bizarre, doesn't make sense. Thoughts on the verdict, Gary Michelson

This decision against Powers/Campbell is really bizarre.  They started with 140 counts of "Grand Theft" with a maximum of 3 years per count.  That's like 420 years on the Max side or 105 years on the low side. ($32M + $2M he got from Neils' house and millions from sales of timber over the last 8 years that was not allowed in)   Then the counts got reduced to 49 counts, still looking at 150 years.  Then through Prelims it gets reduced to 6 counts, then Knowles adds the count of conspiracy (7 now) because he knows he's got no evidence to support a theft or loss. Powers owned and flipped properties to Michelson and made him Millions of dollars ( not to mention Michelson is still sitting on close to 10,000 acres of Costa Rican property, with approx. 4,000 acres of ocean view lands according to testimony by Andres Marten, his farm manager and David Cohen, his CFO for Karlin Holdings.

Then there's a trial on Aug. 25th and the case is dismissed because Knowles is not ready and he'd doubled up on one of the counts.  So one more count is reduced, back down to 6 counts.  A new trial begins Oct. 16th and on that day the Judge dismisses the "conspiracy" count because it was "timed barred" by the statue of limitations.  Now they are back down to 5 counts of "grand theft".  Remember, grand theft is anything over $400.  Knowles files a new motion to add another count, now of "Maintenance Fraud".  When the Judge asks Knowles if he has any supporting evidence he says, "Yes", but can't support it so the Judge denies the motion.  Knowles then adds enhancements to the "grand theft" charges.  Judge accepts these assuming the Jury will find that monies were in fact stolen in the amount over $500,000 relating to a pattern of theft or for a total loss of over $2.5M.

So the Jury decided that count 1 was timed barred because Michelson admitted on the stand that he had received and paid for this property before the date of March 26th 2006.  Michelson admitted that he had paid and received all of these properties before Jan. 1st 2006 so if the Jury "timed barred" #1 then they would have had to "time bar" all of the counts.  On 3 counts they were found "Not guilty" to the "taking of money" but on count 3 they were guilty?  How is that possible when it was proven that not only was no money taken from Michelson but in fact he had made millions!  Maybe Neil and Richard stole Gary's "I phone", but it wasn't mentioned in the proceedings.  That's worth over $400, right?  Yes, that's what Richard and Neil are basically charged with, a theft of over $400, but what is it?  Where is it??  I hope the Judge investigates this decision and pulls the phone records of Juror # 5 and Michelson's attorneys.  I'm sure they will find some connection there.  Something happened over the weekend.  Knowing the influence of Michelson these Juror's should have been sequestered or at least Juror #5.

Last Friday, after the closing arguments, several people witnessed Michelson barge through to the D.A.'s bench and tell Knowles, "He needs to fix this".  What happened over the weekend?  Did Michelson's people get to Juror # 5?  What was he offered?  Is it possible he was influenced or threatened in any way? Did Knowles help him "fix it"..  Even Knowles seemed shocked with the decision as did his investigator Villasenor, who was sitting in the back row with the rest of the audience and laughed when he heard the verdict "guilty".

I'm sure they will appeal this and hopefully in the meantime it will be investigated.  Something is just not right here.  I smell a big "Rat".  Good news, Neil is free and won't spend any more days in Jail. He's more than done his time for making Michelson a richer man than he already is. Both of them made Michelson a lot of money.  What kind of Justice is this.

"Michelson took the Book, He's the Crook".  He's the one that belongs in Jail. He also perjured himself repeatedly in writing and in court room testimony. He really needs to be charged for filing a false criminal complaint and perjury besides theft.

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