Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gary Michelson kicked off Forbes 400 list for being poor. What's a billionaire to do? Throw a tantrum, that's what.

Guess who is no longer on the Forbes 400 list as of 09/12/2014? You needed to have $1.55 billion just to get on the list. Gary Michelson missed the cut at $1.5B. What does he do when he finds out he didn't make the list? He lies to Forbes and says he actually has $1.6B when he doesn't. He goes crazy with anger at Forbes so they edited his profile to state he "has" $1.6B but they still don't put him on the list. Gary is sooooo mad. He also demands that they use another photo instead of the Sesame Street Beaker'ish photo they had up there. 

Gary Michelson took this photo and gave it to Forbes to include in his Forbes 400 profile
"This undated image provided courtesy of Gary K. Michelson/USC, shows Gary K. Michelson, a prominent orthopedic spinal surgeon who has donated $50 million to the University of Southern California to fund a bioscience center, the school announced Monday Jan. 13, 2014. (AP Photo/USC/Gary K. Michelson)"

Gary Michelson, ex-Forbes billionaire, Beaker from Sesame Street

Gary Michelson, ex-Forbes billionaire, Beaker from Sesame Street
This year Forbes tried to verify how much the people were worth. And Gary was kicked off the list.


Here is the actual list. No Gary Michelson there. Notice spots 399 and 400 are missing. I bet there are quite a few whiny billionaires who are threatening to sue Forbes if they don't put them in those spots. "People won't like me anymore if I'm not on the list. I will lose all my friends!"


"Gary Michelson is an orthopedic and spinal surgeon-turned-inventor and philanthropist. In 2005, he reached a $1.35 billion settlement with medical device giant Medtronic after years of litigation over his patents. He is credited individually with more than 250 U.S. patents and his patented technology includes over 950 issued or pending patents. Through his investment office, he has core allocations to global securities, real estate, commercial lending, timber, energy, venture capital, credit and mortgage based securities. Michelson's philanthropy is focused on education, animal welfare and medical research. In January, the University of Southern California announced a $50 million gift from Michelson to build a 190,000 square-foot building dedicated to engineering and biomedical research. Through his Twenty Million Minds Foundation, he aims to "bring higher education into the digital age" by offering students online alternatives to otherwise expensive textbooks. Another one of his goals, through his Found Animals Foundation, is to increase the number of affordable spaying and neutering services for cats and dogs, to help reduce the number of strays. As part of that same mission, he created a $25 million-prize for medical inventors to come up with a nonsurgical method to sterilize dogs and cats. The foundation is now offering $50 million in grants to help fund promising research towards the prize."

Here it says he has $1.6 Billion when he doesn't. That's what happens when you let your Russian mail order beard buy crappy expensive ugly shit for the house, you sell your teak farms way after the peak, you give $50M to USC just to name a building after yourself, you give $100M to your lawyers and government officials to try to throw your ex-bff in jail for life...and fail anyway, you stop working and inventing/stealing other people's inventions....and you get sued.


Here is when he was on the list in 2008. This is the original photo they used. Notice he says he's on the prowl, "I'm single and good looking."


I now realize why Gary Michelson made websites for his private investment funds. He did it to try to get on the Forbes 400 list. There's no way to determine wealth of private people if they don't own public shares, large companies. Gary doesn't own any businesses. He has his non-profits and does private investing. I would bet Forbes saw this blog and did some math. Gary tells the world he made a lot of money off teak but he tells the court he lost money. Gary brags about his investment, profits, appreciation in his private fund websites. He repeatedly tells the court out of the other side of his mouth that he is a bad business, has lost money... He pays his buddy David Cohen to tell the world that Gary is loaded and making money in timber. Gary doesn't care if David lost his money or not. He just wants David to lie to the world and said he's worth $1.6 billion. If you come here and look at his 990's and what he told the court, he's been losing money. He just gave away $50M, supposedly lost another $50M easily from not selling his teak farm at the peak, he was fined $25M I think by the SEC and had to pay another maybe $50M in taxes. His Russian beard blew a boat load on ugly home decor. Gary spent $5M on a garden which has no place in LA. Gary spent $50M he said in legal fees fighting Medtronic. I bet he spent more fighting Neil and Richard. Plus, how much does he have to pay his Russian mail order beard to give him babies? Those babies weren't cheap.

I bet in the end Gary Michelson will end up destroying his wealth, health, self with his nasty vengeance. Here is Gary's Forbes quote again "Vengeance is gnawing on a leg and looking down and realizing it's your own." You would think after the Medtronic thing he would have learned his lesson. Nope, he then went after Dave, his gardener, Neil, Richard, Proskauer.... Even though he knows what he's doing is wrong. He said it in the quote to Forbes. He is doing it yet AGAIN.

When I first met Gary he told me he wanted to be an anonymous donor. He didn't want people to know he was behind giving money. He didn't want his name attached to things. Then LA Weekly came out with an article entitled "The Billionaire's Bark." Gary told me he told the writer not to mention his name. I knew the writer and asked him "why did you mention his name when he told you not to?" The writer told me Gary wanted his name mentioned, how much money he has...Here is that article.


Gary then said he doesn't want his name on anything. He doesn't want anyone to know how much money he has. He said reporters are crass just for asking. This is very telling about Gary Michelson.

When Gary says these things he means the exact opposite. He wants his name, wealth, deeds...shouted from the roof tops, in all the magazines, Internet... He means he is very insecure and desperately needs attention. He wants everyone to know how wealthy he is so they might like him just for a little while if he gives them money. He wants everyone to think he is kind and generous when he's actually greedy, mean, nasty, money hungry and crazy. He got into weights for a while as he wanted people to think he was strong and handsome. That is because Gary is actually an ugly, weak, little boy that no one likes because he doesn't know how to properly relate to people because he's permanently messed up in the head. And when Gary talks about his "lobster claw hands," "bowling ball palming hands," "hands as big as Wilt Chamberlain...." he wants you to think ..... because things are actually the opposite. I'm 200% sure that his kids came from a turkey baster if they even are his kids. And the only reason he had kids is because he was jealous of Neil's baby. Notice Gary bought a super white beard so he could have a baby that looks identical to Neil's baby, i.e. uber blonde.

The free online ebook popped up again. Chapter five is Gary Michelson, p 60 to 72.

I just re-read it. Gary speaks about himself in the third person, weird. Gary seems to feel his mother cheated him. Gary admits people said they invented his patents. He lies about the number of patents he has. He compares himself to Einstein. He says "my name is not on anything" which is a total lie. At that time he already had the Michelson Prize and Michelson Medical non-profit. He also forced Medtronic to put a sticker with his name on every single product i.e. "Michelson technology at work." In a back handed way he admits he wants someone to say "Good job! Atta boy! Smart guy!" Gary states that an invention is "something that didn't exist previously" like the idea he stole and patented? At the end of the interview Gary asks the interviewer if he sounds "wacky." The interviewer acts polite.

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