Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dr Gary Michelson, Michaelson, was going to make LA nokill - Replacement post

Dr. Gary Michelson, Michaelson, was going to make LA nokill

This is for all the people emailing me about the history of Dr. Gary Michelson and animal shelters in Los Angeles. In 2005 Dr. Gary Michelson decided he will use his money, connections, brains to make Los Angeles the first large city to truly be nokill. That is a commendable goal. When I first heard of this I completely supported Gary and thought he was a great person for doing this. I really thought if anyone can make LA nokill, Gary can with his money, contacts and brain. You can see my posts in the Yahoo animal rescue groups telling everyone about how great Gary is. I admit I was wrong. Making LA nokill is extremely difficult and will take a lot of time. Gary ended up unintentionally ripping the animal community apart hurting LA Animal Services and animals in the process.

December 18, 2005 there was a meeting at Kathleen Riordan's house. The Mayor's office made the invite list. I videotaped the meeting and posted notes in the Yahoo groups. I may dig that up and post it. I'm sure I'll have a good laugh at my own expense for believing this dream.

The main purpose of that meeting was to introduce Ed Boks as the new GM. He would start January 3, 2006. At that meeting Dr. Gary Michelson and Dave Loftus spoke about how the Foundation would work with Ed Boks and the City to make LA nokill. I really thought this was going to be the beginning of something wonderful. Imagine, LA, a nokill city. Gary talked about how he would first make LA nokill then the rest of the nation can follow, a dream indeed.

Dr. Gary Michelson said his main nokill plan was spay and neuter. He said it was the most cost effective way to save animals' lives. This is very important. You will see how Dr. Gary Michelson is easily manipulated to change his plan repeatedly. He changes his plan every time someone convinces him that his plan is not the best plan. He should follow their plan, so they can make money. And every time he changes his plan he denies his previous plan. I would have people ask me "Didn't Dr. Gary Michelson say he was going to do spay neuter? Now he's doing chips and kiosks? WTF?" Even the Mayor's office would ask me what was happening. Sometimes I had no idea what was happening because Gary kept changing his mind every few days after speaking to someone. Gary is the last person who should be running any organization or business. He needs to just sit at home by himself and work on inventions. He does not have the psychological skills to make good decisions about business, finance or even people.

At that December 18 meeting Dr. Gary Michelson I believe had a small film crew videotaping or maybe it was at the next meeting. He said he was going to make a documentary about how he made LA nokill. Yes, I can laugh now but I really thought he could do it. Who cares if he wants to make a documentary about himself being a hero for his own ego. He would have been a hero. Obviously euthanasia is up since he started trying to help. Part of the reason was Gary's poor choice of Ed Boks and the horrible economy.

The film crew showed up to a commission meeting and another meeting. When things started getting messy and going south the film crew left. Who would want to videotape infighting and failure. The animal organizations were all fighting for Gary's money. They were bad mouthing each other and each other's programs. "Spay mobiles are not cost effective. Stationary spayneuter clinics with a delivery van is more cost effective." "No, spay mobiles are more effective! She's lying to try to steal money from you!" That's an actual example. FTR stationary clinics with transportation are more cost effective and can save more lives.

People wanted jobs at his foundation. They would bad mouth people currently working for Gary to try to get their jobs. I know a few people bad mouthed me to Gary making up crazy stories. This is one reason why Gary kept changing his mind and firing, hiring people. Gary is easily manipulated. If he were allowed on the Internet, he'd be paypal'ing millions to Nigerian princesses instantly.

Gary's choice Ed Boks really made a mess of the department. I worked for Ed Boks at that time. His first year euth was up even though it'd been going down consistently. This was 2006. The economy didn't start to tank until late 2007. Gary hand picked Boks for the job again without doing any investigation. I later found out he had a horrible history and was fired from his previous jobs.

Ed Boks catered to cute female rescuers and didn't work well with employees or the union. He also refused to follow city red tape and kept getting in trouble even though I warned him every time. Again, Ed Boks' famous saying is "it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission." This behavior is one of the reasons he was fired. It's also the reason why I was fired from the City. Boks blamed me for his mistakes, the mistakes I warned him about before he made them. Boks admitted this in email, apologized and offered to get me a new grant and job but didn't. I was forced to sue the city and they gave me a $130,000 settlement.

After Dave Loftus left Found Animals Gary had to get a new Director. He took his time looking for a new Director who had a degree in business or finance. He didn't want any animal people or anyone who was an animal lover. This was a big mistake. He basically hired a brown noser with no animal experience. She ended up making costly mistakes. At this point all Gary cares about is doing projects that make him "feel good." He stated this specifically to the media. Projects that make him feel good stroke his ego, give him positive media, involves a lot of brown nosing and maybe a few honorary degrees and medals. "Gary, you're so smart, you're so wonderful, nice muscles, can I have some money now or should I compliment your hair?"

Here is a quick anecdote about how Gary's mind functions. He gave an interview to LA Weekly called "A Billionaire's Bark" by Robert Greene. The article came out December 2005. It talked about how he would donate his money to help animals in LA. Previously he told me he wanted to be an anonymous donor. I questioned Gary about the article. I said "did you give this writer permission to use your name?" He said "I most certainly did not! I wanted to be anonymous! I'm upset about this!" I responded "well, I can see how you would be upset. That wasn't very nice of the reporter to do that." I then spoke to the reporter and said "Hey, Gary said he wanted to be anonymous. Why did you include his name?" The reporter said "What? He never said that. If he had, I would have honored his request. I specifically asked him if I could mention him and his organization and he said yes." I believe the reporter.

I believe Gary is one of those incredibly insecure passive aggressive types. He wants you to tell him how handsome, fit, smart, nice he is. When you do he says "oh, golly gee. I didn't ask for this attention. I just want to help animals." Helping animals also got him a lot of female attention which he enjoyed. Women were fighting over him and back stabbing each other.

Back to the history of Gary and animals in LA. He hired Aimee Gilbreath and changed directions again. He would do a variety of programs which everyone was already doing, nothing new or ground breaking. The main goal was not saving animals, making LA nokill or finding a one-shot sterilant. Those goals are too difficult. It was about Gary's ego and positive press. If he gave to a few groups, they wouldn't be fighting as much. He's also gotten involved in a few more foundations some with questionable goals.

I believe Gary has social and psychological issues. I personally feel they stem from his childhood. His dad left and mom, grandma had to raise him. I think he is the youngest in the family based on high school yearbook photos. He went to a then all boys high school. High school is when boys and girls learn how to socialize with each other. He didn't get that chance. It also seems that his brothers were athletic, social and he wasn't. Perhaps this is why he would stay by himself and tinker with mechanical objects which became his career; part of his greatness, part of his downfall.

I would not want to be Gary Michelson. He will never know who are his true friends and who just wants his money. Was Neil Campbell ever his friend? No. What about his last wife? Definitely not. Winning the lawsuit against Medtronic, ending up on the Forbes billionaire list, telling the world he's going to donate his money to worthy causes may have been the worst thing to happen to him. It would be tough going through life knowing that the only ones who truly love you are your dogs.

I doubt I have to say this but don't do business with friends or relatives.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game and the USDAMary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.


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