Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Saturday, February 14, 2015

When wealthy people "donate" money they are actually BUYING press and media rights - Gary Michelson

Dr Gary Michelson, usc, building naming rights, forbes, billionaire, nuts
UPDATE: I pulled up the lawsuit James Emmi vs Chapman University. With large donations such as these there are "bequest agreements" and "pledge proposals." Gary Michelson didn't donate to USC. He bought fake press, fake awards, dinner invites, cake, ass kissing, building naming rights, nothing more. No philanthropy just a cut and dry business deal. Plus, USC is a private school for rich kids. They don't need money and they don't teach poor people. Below is from James Emmi lawsuit. Here is a link to a page with the entire text and pdf of the lawsuit. http://marycumminsrealestatemarycummins.blogspot.com/2015/02/james-catherine-emmi-vs-chapman.html

"Pledge Proposal #2 offered naming recognition on either the entire School of
Computational Sciences and Engineering (in return for the $10 million investment), or on the Hall
of Technology (in return for the $5 million investment). In addition to naming privileges, the
proposal included a detailed description of the “full-scale media effort” that would result from such
donations, which would include announcements in publications such as the Orange County Register,
the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, Chronicle of Higher Education, Chronicle of
Philanthropy, The Orange County Business Journal, and Chapman University publications. Further,
the proposal promised the EMMI family would be recognized in extensive broadcast news media
coverage and press conferences, newspapers and periodicals, appropriate recognition at the new
science facility and at receptions, special evidence and dinners to honor the donors."

"Thereafter, CHAPMAN continued to push the EMMIS for the $12 million gift
stating the EMMIS “deserved to leave a legacy”. CHAPMAN’s tactics for persuading the EMMIS
included “wining and dining” them, inviting them to special events at CHAPMAN, sending them
personal cards and notes and even going as far as referring to the EMMIS as “family”. President
Doti intentionally showered the EMMIS with compliments and even went as far as requesting a
photograph of JAMES to place in his office because JAMES was “like a brother to him”."

In this case they wanted James Emmi to give even more money in exchange for building naming rights. He said no because he's 98 years old. He knew that the building wouldn't be finished before he died. The University person Jim Doti then lied to him saying "oh, I didn't mean it'd be finished in 2018, 2019. It'll be finished this year." What nasty people to lie to this sweet old generous man. Shame on Chapman University. Universities asking for huge donations is a pretty slimy business. When I see the USC people with their fake smiles standing next to Gary Michelson for photos it is extremely obvious to me it's all fake, bought and paid for. Does Gary really think these people would want anything to do with him if he didn't have a lot of money? Everyone in the know, knows it's all a charade.

If you read the blog post I linked above you will see that the person giving the donation "writes every single word" that the University will say about the donor in magazines, press releases, newsletters... The donor is in total control over what type of party he wants to honor himself, what type of press release, what flavor of cake, what exact words of praise they will use, what honors they will bestow on him and how deep they want to be brown nosed. Gary went for the maximum "suck it dry" package of brown nosing.

Gary Michelson is the ultimate target for donation requests like this. If you read the complaint by the Emmis the University put them on a board, invited them to tons of events, took then out for tea, lunch, dinner, told them how smart they were, how their legacy will live on, what great citizen they are, how they really understand the importance of an education ... I would bet the person asking for donations gets a commission or at least a bonus when they reel in the big fat fish like Gary Michelson. I'm sure as soon as Gary is out of the room they vomit a little in their mouth as they can't keep down the fake praise they had to lavish on his ginormous ego. And on top of all of this Gary Michelson has the nerve to say "I never name anything after me. I'd never want anything named after me because I have no ego." And here Gary Michelson pays $50,000,000 for the naming rights of a building. His "bequest agreement" has all the details. While the boy and girl he bought don't share his first name, as far as we know, I bet both of their middle names are "Dr Gary Michelson is the BEST and he has ginormous lobster claw hands <wink wink>." He most certainly bought the naming rights to the kids he bought and his Russian mail order beard. Here's a post I wrote about ALL the many things he has named after himself.



We all know that USC and UCLA have been working hard on their fundraising/sales programs. They have entire departments devoted to begging for money, selling publicity and building naming rights. They will promise these people anything their heart desires for money. Would you like your Russian mail order beard to get a PhD? Would you like us to name a building after you? Would you like us to have a huge press conference where we bake you a cake while we kiss your ass on video? We'll throw in tons of Internet media, articles, mentions in our newsletter. We'll put your name on construction hats.

Oddly enough USC policies say the donor can't receive anything in exchange for the donation. They can't appoint people, name anything, get any special favors in any way ....unless the President approves it. Obviously Max Nikias approved of everything he asked for. I would bet they will give Alya Michelson a PhD in English, Art, Philanthropy or Russian studies. The $50 million was not a donation but a business transaction. I think someone should call the IRS. Gary Michelson bought $50 million worth of media, press, parties, degrees, invitations, photo spreads ...

Gary Michelson supposedly donated $50,000,000 to USC. I'm sure they have a very detailed contract about Gary's purchase of the name rights for a building in exchange for payments made on a certain schedule if/when the building is completed. This is identical to companies buying naming rights of sports arenas, stadiums. Gary Michelson just bought positive press for himself, advertising. It wasn't really a donation but a purchase or "tax evasion" as Gary likes to call it when other people do it.

In 1999 Staples bought the naming rights for the now called "Staples Center" in Los Angeles for $120,000,000. It was for a 20 year contract. They have since extended the naming rights for the life of "Staples." They are the first to have lifetime naming rights. Here is an article about the contract.


Did Gary Michelson get life time naming right? Does he have the right to sell his naming rights? What are the conditions of his purchase, I mean "donation."

This elderly couple donated money to a university. There was a detailed contract. I may actually pull up the contract since it's now a lawsuit. They were supposed to give a down payment then give more at certain times and upon completion of the building being named after them. Wife states her husband has dementia and wasn't all there when he supposedly signed the contract.


Here's a better article. It talks about all the false flattery, ass kissing, lies, bullshit....


and an even better one. They wined and dined this old man, praised them, make them couple of the year, said they were really smart, so amazing... the exact same thing USC did to Gary. Gary Michelson used again and again. When he realizes it USC will regret they ever asked him for any money.


I can only wonder what's in Gary Michelson's purchase, I mean donation contract. He probably demanded a cake, multiple press releases, tons of photos, construction hats with his name on them, naming rights, a PhD for his Russian mail order beard, lots and lots of media attention, mentions in the USC newsletter, links all over the USC website... Soon enough we shall know. Soon enough we will see if Gary Michelson was again "profoundly cheated" by USC. USC should have put a clause in there that states if Gary Michelson gets involved in embarrassing scandals USC can scrub his name off their building.

Oh, here are a few other very recent breaking ground for buildings, halls, bathroom stalls with the patrons name on them. I bet they just peel off the name sticker from the hats and slap a new one on from their label maker.

Gary Michelson usc donation building naming rights, forbes, billionaire, los angeles, california, nuts

Gary Michelson usc donation building naming rights, forbes, billionaire, los angeles, california, nuts

Gary Michelson usc donation building naming rights, forbes, billionaire, los angeles, california, nuts
Gary Michelson USC bought and paid for. Alya Michelson Russian mail order beard
USC is a non-profit. Nikias makes $1.1M/yr salary plus a $400K bonus of sorts. Perhaps he gets a percentage of the money he brings in.


Here are some bequest guidelines for USC.


Gary Michelson, usc, naming rights, $50 million, alya, forbes, billionaire, crazy
More USC gift policies.


Note this type of gift would not be legal or acceptable. "Provide a donor with goods or services of financial value in exchange for said donor’s gift unless such value is fully disclosed in the time and manner as required under federal and state law and regulations."

"If a gift falls into one of the above categories, the dean or development officer working on the gift must notify the Senior Vice President for University Advancement, who will make the final decision as to whether to accept it."

Gary Michelson received naming rights, gifts, a party, cake, decorations, a god damn marching band, award, photo spread, expensive PR, video....

Seems USC has reneged on gift agreements in the past.

"fundraising at USC unless you left a gift without a 21st century gift agreement like Dr. and Mrs Bridge did in 1926. SAY GOODBYE TO BRIDGE MEMORIAL HALL."

"In 1996, Paul Glenn's Foundation for Medical Research donated $1.6 million to the University of Southern California for the study of aging. Glenn sued USC in 2001, alleging that it did not honor its oral and written contracts. This case received significant media attention and reaffirmed the post-Smithers trend of allowing private legal action when charitable gifts do not turn out as planned."

Here's another lawsuit against USC over a gift agreement. Greedy USC.


Seems McDonalds paid for the new USC pool for the 1984 Olympics. The purpose was to let poor kids use the pool after the Olympics. USC didn't do that. Another time USC bought an apt building for poor people. They put students in there and pushed the poor people out.

Good article about why wealthy people give big gifts to universities. It's to flatter their ego, plain and simple. USC did a great number on Gary because he's not from the area, didn't go to USC, the building had been planned for years before Gary even heard of USC. They just found a big fat sucker right before they broke ground. Think about it. Gary gave money and next day they broke ground. Obviously the plans, permits had been done ten years earlier.


Anyone who donates for building naming rights has major psychological issues. Everyone knows they paid to have a building named after them. For Gary Michelson to stand there and say "they wanted to name the building after me but I said no." Such bold faced lies which are so obvious.

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