Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gary Michelson gets used by Dean Florez for his money - Forbes billionaire Los Angeles

I'm all for free and cheap textbooks. I provide all my manuals on wildlife rehabilitation for free online. Many other people have been doing this for many years. Below is an article about Gary Michelson giving his money from 20 Million Minds to OpenStax. OpenStax makes and shares free sourced textbooks. They existed long before 20 Million Minds.


My point is that Gary Michelson gives money to 20 Million Minds who then gives it to OpenStax. OpenStax has been accomplishing the same goals as 20 Million Minds for years. It would make more sense for Gary Michelson to give the money directly to OpenStax. Instead he gives it to Dean Florez to give it to OpenStax after siphoning off lots of money for his salary, salary of his friends which he hired, his expenses, probably also all of his family's personal expenses. Then he gives some of what's left over to OpenStax.

Dean Florez convinced Gary Michelson that there was a problem, i.e. "Education is broken. It needs to be deconstructed and fixed with Gary's money.  No one else has done this, is dong this." That is of course bullshit. The problem had already been tackled by other organizations. Dean Florez just "told" Gary that there was a problem that needed his money.

Dean Florez has a long history of being unethical, using campaign funds for his own expenses, living high on the hog and being extremely dishonest. In fact because of his last problems which I detailed here  he was not able to get another job as a politician or in government. The only person who would hire this thieving fraud was Gary Michelson.

Dean Florez is taking a salary of $300,000 per year. Here is their most recent tax return. Notice the loan from director to organization. Why didn't Gary just donate the money to his organization instead of loaning it? Is he charging interest? More tax fraud? If you need to search 20 Million Minds you must spell it like "Twenty Million Minds."


Gary Michelson hired this guy to write, consult for him.


These expenses look odd. I wonder if Gary Michelson is doing more tax fraud. He already was caught by the IRS with illegal write offs. He paid $6,300 for a WordPress website which costs $75 for a template? $67,000 in legal fees? What for? $192,000 for consulting when he already has a staff consultant? Is this lobbying, Dean giving money to his friends?

As per 2011 return he's also renting an office in Sacramento.


More expensive legal and accounting fees. Gary is again loaning money to his own nonprofit. It has no due date and no interest. Then why? It's true you can only write off 50% of your gross income per year. Maybe that's the reason?

Gary is donating from one of his non-profits to the other. Why? David Cohen seems to be getting a salary from all of Gary's non-profits plus his salary to manage money. I would bet David Cohen is also getting kickbacks, commissions from others when he spends Gary's money.


In summary it looks like 90% of the money Gary gives, loans to 20 Million Minds is used on overhead, salary, office rent, furniture, consulting... 20 Million Minds just gives money to other organizations. Gary could save 90% of the money by getting rid of the office, employees and just being a name only organization that donates to non-profits who are actually doing the work. He's save money and still be able to take credit.

Here is the most recent 990 for Found Animals. He gave a whopping $2.5 million towards the $75,000,000 Prize(?). He started the Prize in 2008. Seven years later and he still hasn't awarded the prize and he never will. If he doesn't have a big piece of bologna on his head not even dogs will want to be his friend. Aimee Gilbreath now gets $300,000/year salary. She started at $180,000/yr. Who approves these raises? Gary is still giving Daniel Guss of the Stand Foundation money. Daniel Guss is a convicted criminal. He was found guilty of theft and sentenced. He's in contempt of a court order and on probation.


If you look at that 990 you will see Gary's other holding companies, organizations donating stock and other things to Found Animals. Is he dumping worthless shares on Found animals as some sort of tax evasion? If you look at these 990's it really looks like Gary Michelson using his non-profits for tax evasion. What's ironic is Gary accuses art museums of being tax evasion.

A last thought on Gary Michelson's free text book idea. Why doesn't he force USC to use his free text books? After donating $50 million they should. USC won't do it because they'd lose a ton of money which they make buying, selling books at the USC book store.

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