Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Politics of the judicial system - Gary Michelson, Forbes billionaire, patent, spine

After sitting here for the past week mulling over the sentencing hearing I think I'm finally getting my head around it. Perhaps all is not what it seems. I am thankful that Neil and Richard are out of jail and will never be going back to jail. Previously they were looking at life in prison based on all the charges and related charges that could up the time. Gary Michelson is of course extremely upset that he couldn't throw them in prison for life even after paying off the DA. While I still feel the Judge did not rule properly on sentencing I think I understand why.

Our judicial system here in Los Angeles is corrupt. There is no doubt about that. I worked for the City of Los Angeles. I saw it first hand. I saw employees lie, cheat, steal, commit perjury, fraud....The fact that the DA hired a real estate appraiser to appraiser an easily $10 million home for a measly $3.5 million is factual proof. To see the DA get up there and try to argue that the $3.5M appraisal was accurate was truly pathetic. Robert Knowles is a smart man. There's no way he believed his argument or that appraisal. He was intentionally lying to the court. He was committing fraud upon the court by giving the judge a fraudulent appraisal. Fortunately Judge Rene Korn realized this and ruled that the property was more likely worth $10 million. Richard was then allowed out on bond.

Here in LA and in most cities and countries a wealthy person will give money to a politician. The wealthy person wants a favor from the politician. In this case Gary Michelson gave money to DAs Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey. I believe Gary also gave Cooley money in the form of "consulting fees." In exchange the DAs used their influence to charge Gary's ex-friends with a non-existent crime. Gary intentionally went to the DA because the last time he tried to file a fraudulent criminal report with the LAPD he was denied.

The DAs used their influence to falsely charge Neil and Richard with crimes. They instructed their Deputy DAs Robert Knowles and his partner to pursue the case. They instructed their detectives to investigate. They allowed them to use vast sums of money to fly LA DAs to Costa Rica. They also used city and county funds to bring "witnesses" from CR to LA. I may do an info act request to find out just how much money was wasted in this fraudulent investigation.

The DA used their powers along with the state attorney general and federal government to arrest and extradite Neil and Richard from Idaho and Texas respectively. The DA threw them in LA County jail one of the worst in the nation. The DA dragged their feet in the investigation to intentionally keep them in jail in horrible conditions. Perhaps they hoped they'd cop a plea, lie about each other, break them down. Or perhaps they were just following Gary's instructions to torment, punish, abuse them as much as possible.

The DA finally present their case at the preliminary hearing. Almost all of the charges are dropped due to statute of limitations, lack of evidence. The charges are whittled down from I think 140 to five. At the end of the trial defendants were only found guilty of one charge. It makes no sense as that one charge was barred by statute of limitations. I personally believe that one of the jurors was a plant. He was very different than the other jurors. The second I saw him I knew he'd be the lead juror and he was. None of the other jurors cared at all. I saw three of them sleeping at the same time.

Finally the case is at the sentencing phase. Jonathan Michaels did a wonderful job with this case. He argued that the one charge should be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor and dismissed. Based on case precedent and law it should have been dismissed. Richard and Neil would have been exonerated. That is what should have happened. Instead Judge Craig Richman made some very questionable and appealable decisions. He refused to rule on restitution. He refused to reduce the charge or dismiss it. He stated paraphrased "I've been wrong in the past. I invite you to appeal the decision."

I believe Judge Craig Richman did not want to rule because his job, livelihood would have been in jeopardy. He probably would have been demoted, transferred to traffic court in a horrible area miles from his home. I've seen this happen many times in Animal Services. I think he previously must have done something to piss off the city attorney. That battery case should have never been filed against him. When someone hit me LAPD said they'd only file charges if I had broken bones or profuse bleeding which caused me to go to the emergency room. The LAPD detective told me "it's legal to hit someone."

The DA filed a frivolous criminal case against Neil and Richard as a personal favor to Gary Michelson in exchange for money. Deputy DA Robert Knowles was forced to put forth a shamble of a case just to appease the DA so he also doesn't get a bad assignment. In the end Judge Craig Richman did not rule according to evidence, case precedent or the law. The case will be appealed and reversed by three appellate judges. Hopefully by then enough time would have passed so Gary Michelson will not want to continue to destroy Neil and Richard. If Judge Craig Richman had dismissed the one charge Gary would have been irate and would have continued to destroy them, DA, Judge. There would have been heaps of negative media and other attention on the DA's office. As it is the civil case is still open and perhaps a criminal case in Costa Rica. Gary has taken absolutely everything from these two people. They are penniless, homeless, jobless. Knowing Gary he will soon find someone else who is "profoundly cheating" him and he will try to destroy that person. He's been doing this his entire adult life. Who will be his next victim? David Cohen?

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