Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Monday, December 15, 2014

Final sentencing results today in Dr Gary Michelson criminal trial, ex-Forbes billionaire, crazy person extraordinaire

UPDATE: Judge Craig Robert Richman seemed fair and just at trial until the very end. Of course the very end of the trial is all that matters. I just realized that he and Gary Michelson are major water skiers and both own water ski homes in Arvin, California minutes from each other. Craig's son competes in water skiing. So did Gary, Neil and Gary's ex-wife.  Gary's ex-wife's family are major water skiers in that area. I would think Richman would have run into Gary's ex-wife's family up there.

Craig Richman also worked for the DA's office for 19 years. Of course most criminal court Judges probably worked for the DA but Richman worked directly under Steve Cooley "Richman, 47, a Republican from Chatsworth, worked most recently as a calendar trial deputy at the downtown criminal courthouse. He also served as an assistant head deputy and a supervisor of the Target Crimes Division under Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley. Richman prosecuted crimes against police officers and hundreds of felony trials." Seems Judge Richman endorses and supports the same people Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey endorse.

Richman went to Arizona State for undergrad and McGeorge law school in Sacramento. Those are odd schools to go to if you are going to be a lawyer in Los Angeles, California. He started with the DA straight out of law school in 1986. 19 years in the DA office he should really know what's going on in this case. I'm sure he understands the politics involved in LAPD, DA, political candidates, Judges, campaign donations, money, favors....He worked for the DA under Steve Cooley and now under the new DA Jackie Lacey. In 2005 he was appointed by Schwarzenegger as judge for LA Superior Court. Perhaps it's just a really small world. All I know is Robert Knowles and Craig Richman obviously picked the short straws to get stuck with this case. Gary will try to ruin Knowles who did the best job he could with no evidence and his one witness committed perjury repeatedly. That's probably why Judge Richman refused to rule on the motion to dismiss the one charge. He doesn't want to be a target or have an issue being re-elected as Judge. He doesn't want to end up like Judge Goodson only hearing restraining order cases. He will gladly hand this mess over to three appellate judges who will hopefully be more distanced from the politics involved. He saw Gary go after Knowles in the court room. He knows from this case how low, vindictive, crazy and evil Gary Michelson can be. Gary probably would have tried to destroy Judge Craig Richman if he reduced and dismissed the one count. Now Neil and Richard have years of hell waiting for the appeal. They can't get a job, have a bank account, rent a place, lease a car, have a life....

I finally was able to gather some information and piece things together. They were each found guilty of one count of fraud by trickery. Neil got two years suspended sentence because he was in jail for one year and four months. Richard got three years suspended sentence to probation. Some was suspended because he was in jail four months. Neither is going back to jail unless they violate probation. Richard's probation is in California. He can't go home. In fact because of this ruling they can never get a job again unless they win on appeal. You can't sell real estate or cars, the only jobs they've ever known, if you've been convicted of felony fraud.

The count should have been reduced to misdemeanor then dismissed based on prop 47 and they have no priors. Plus, count was barred by statute of limitations and jury did not find that one penny was stolen. I think felony is $900, misdemeanor is $450 or less. They both have perfect probation records, i.e. no priors. See the motions in the previous post.

The Judge did not want to rule on the case. He asked them to appeal. They could appeal by reversible error. Judge Craig Richman did not want to be one of the first Judges to rule on prop 47. MORE IMPORTANTLY i.e. REAL REASON I BELIEVE, he did not want to rule on this case because of Dr Gary Michelson's very strong relationship to the current and ex-DA's. He probably also didn't want to receive the wrath of Gary.

I used to think I'd like to be a judge so I could rule fairly based on law and evidence. I know, incredibly naive. I have since realized that being a judge has NOTHING to do with fair rulings, law or evidence. It has to do with campaign donations, endorsements by the DA, LAPD, other Judges, politicians and being elected. Actually being elected comes in dead last. Most Judge's in LA don't even have to campaign because they run unopposed. No one wants their job. If you're a good attorney, you will make much more than a Judge. I think some Judges are appointed in appeal and supreme court.

A criminal appeal can be fast tracked. It should be in this case as these people are stuck in California away from their homes and families. They can't get a job. They will have to sign up for welfare, food stamps and medi-cal. The appeal could take two years easily. They should get a free attorney for the appeal I believe. It's just so sad that this Judge could have settled this fairly today but chose not to. He now forces these two people into two to three years of hardship, poverty, seclusion from their family, inability to work, get a job, provide for their family...not to mention mental and physical stress.

Dr Gary Michelson is extremely evil and mentally ill. I'm going to try to get the minutes from today. He got up there and lied about everyone and everything. He perjured himself in my case as well. I wish I could have gotten up there and told the Judge that Gary has a very long history of lying, perjury and fraud though I'm sure the Judge realizes this.

It is a horrible miscarriage of justice what has happened in this case. Gary Michelson using his money, power and connections to get people to do what he wants. I remember the day when he said he wanted the Mayor to do such and such. I said "well, you're going to have to give the mayor a lot of money." He said "okay, do it." I said "it has to be legal campaign contributions. You can't just give them money, bribe them!" What do I know.

I guess Neil and Richard should be lucky that the 140+ charges were reduced to seven, six were dismissed and they were only found guilty of one charge. They could have been looking at life in prison. Still, no money was stolen, taken. Gary Michelson made a lot of money from Richard and Neil. Let this be a lesson to all. NEVER EVER do business with Gary Michelson. It's not worth it. I wish I never worked for him. He is an evil, nasty, little man.

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