Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gary Michelson and his evil plan continues, Forbes, billionaire, spine, patent, crazy

Neil Campbell was arrested on June 7th 2013 in Idaho.  This article appeared in the Sun Valley Local paper.  In the article it falsely states that Mr. Campbell "pleaded guilty to the charges...." of 140 counts of grand theft.  Mr. Campbell did not plead guilty and his family has suffered greatly because of this article, which has been retracted by the Paper since Mr. Campbell's acquittal on all but one of the criminal charges, which appears to be a "Petty theft" violation or misdemeanor with Prop 47 becoming law a bit more than a month ago.  Campbell and Powers will appear in court at 8:30 Monday morning on the 15th for sentencing and it appears, according to filed court documents, there is a motion to dismiss the misdemeanor as the Jury actually found that no money was stolen, in fact the opposite was discovered, that Campbell and Powers made Michelson's millions of dollars from his investment in Costa Rican agricultural timber, specifically, 'teak wood'.

It also appears that Powers and Campbell continue to be harassed by Gary Michelson's civil attorneys as it appears that after they appear in Criminal court on the morning of the 15th they are expected in Civil court in the afternoon for a debtors hearing.  That debtors hearing is in regards to a belief that Gary has coming to him approximately $70 Million Dollars from Campbell and Powers because he didn't make enough off of them on the first go around.

It was stated during trial that had Gary sold his properties before the 2009 collapse of the economy he may have made an extra $70 million from the sale of his farms.  Apparently Gary is blaming Powers and Campbell for the collapse of the economy as well and wants them to make up the difference.  As Neil and Richard's lawyer, Jonathan Michaels, said during his closing argument, "Dr. Michelson is upset because he didn't sell his properties at the right time and had he sold them in 2009, we probably wouldn't be here right now". Gary actually testified to this fact in the Prelims last June.

The trial proved that Michelson made between $6M-$12M on the sale of only half of his properties, still retaining approx. 3,000 acres of ocean view properties and another 6,000 acres of teak forest and natural forest.  Forensic accounting done by the D.A. could only prove that Campbell made less than $700,000 in his 7 years of work involving the acquisition of almost 23,000 acres of land, which Mr. Powers sold to him and Gary.  Gary admitted, under oath, that in 2008 he bought out Mr. Campbell's 1/2 % share of C & M for $500,000.  This means the total value Gary believed the farms to be worth at that time to be around $100 Million Dollars. Of course he had his farm Manager, Andres Marten, keeping him informed every quarter of the values of his lands.

He's pissed because he sold too late and only got $32M for selling half of his farms.  Remember his own CFO testified that Gary had a total of $20 Million invested in the Costa Rican farms. It was also reveled that Michelson confiscated the Campbell's Florida home and auctioned it off for $2 million dollars.  What was not revealed was that Michelson also made millions selling teak wood to the Indian Market during the years of 2008-2013. It also appears he received hundreds of thousands of dollars in "Carbon Credits" for the virgin forests he owns in Costa Rica as well and will continue to receive these Carbon Credits for the next 15 years as long as he retains his remaining Costa Rican properties.

I wonder what Henry, "his old French landscape artist", is doing right now?  Hope he's recovered from Gary's wrath, where ever he might be.  What about his old fiance, Brook Alexander and Dave Loftus, two more victims of Gary Michelson, I hope they too have recovered.  There are others out there who are coming forward but most, like the ones mentioned above, are too terrified of him to speak out.

What can one say about "Humpty Dumpty"?   He's got Bi-Polar disease and better get back on his medication before he hurts himself or someone  else.  He may also want to take an extra dose of Aspirin on the 15th.

It really is ironic that Gary Michelson gave money to the DA so they'd go after Neil and Richard. This was after Gary Michelson won the civil case against them. Gary only won the civil case because Neil and Richard could not afford to reply to it. Gary won by default. Because Gary pushed for a criminal case he just messed up his civil case. The criminal case showed no money was stolen. Gary made money because of Neil and Richard. They were only found guilty of one charge of misdemeanor fraud which may be dismissed this coming Monday 12/15. Now Neil and Richard could go back to the civil case and have things reversed.

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