Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year, blog followers - Forbes billionaire crazy Gary Michelson

Happy New Year.

The festivities of the last 2 weeks have made people more relaxed in the courthouse.  Bailiffs, clerks, guards, court recorders, lawyers, D.A.'s and Judges all talking about the end of the years cases, what's pending what's finished, vacations, etc.

Two weeks ago Campbell and Powers were sentenced by Judge Richman.  Neil Campbell got 2 years but already did his time so he's done, free.  Mr. Powers was sentenced to 3 years probation basically with credit, giving him 888 days of probation.

I've reported a lot about the injustice of the system but sometimes things are so obviously unjust that one must speak out.  The ruling by the Judge was "Wrong" and he knew it and he even argued in Court on Nov. 12th with Miss Winetraub, the substituting D.A., that this case was going to be reduced to a misdemeanor by the mere fact there was no restitution ordered by the Jurors and to top that off, Prop. 47 came into play which would have insured that a first time offender with no criminal record charged with a felony would have his sentence reduced to a Misdemeanor.  It leaves us all scratching our heads, not just our heads here in the audience but the heads of those in the court, the D.A., the Lawyers, the Bailiffs, Clerks, court recorders and even the Judge himself.  So what happened?

RUMORS are what's happening now, which are starting to explain what may have happened.  For the last couple months since the Jury reached their verdict on Richard and Neil, I've heard a couple of rumors.  Not really facts so I didn't report on them as I wasn't sure of the sources.  But in the last two weeks the additional rumors and additional sources in the courthouse has confirmed that possibly these rumors are based on some truth.  Again, I'm telling you these are only rumors going around the court, by people who may have been a witness directly  or indirectly.

The Rumor is that both the D.A., Mr. Knowles, and Judge Richman were indirectly or possibly directly threatened by Gary Michelson.  Apparently after Mr. Knowles' famous closing argument, Gary went to Knowles and told him he had to "fix it", speaking about the testimony or closing argument given by defense attorney, Jonathan Michaels, which was pretty powerful and left no doubt that the Jurors were not going to find the defendants guilty.  The Juror's convened for the weekend and rendered their verdict the following Monday finding them both guilty of only 1 count.

Apparently that weekend Gary told someone that he believed Mr. Powers had bribed Mr. Knowles, the D.A., to throw the case.  It was then rumored that Gary was going to have Mr. Knowles brought up before the Bar and have his job and would do the same with the Judge if necessary.  Apparently these rumors got back to Judge Richman and to the D.A.'s office, which created more rumors and fears.

I can say, now that the case is over, that I was interviewed by one of the Defendants lawyers as a possible witness in this case.  I was given the opportunity to hear a recorded interview made by Gary to the D.A.'s investigator and in that interview he accuses Powers of bribing the D.A.'s highest official in Costa Rica to dismiss his criminal case against him there.  When Gary doesn't like the outcome of the case he assumes that there must have been some illegal influence against him, why? Because that's exactly what Gary does, he bribes everyone and those that he can't bribe, like some Judges, he threatens.  Subtly of course.  In the case of Judge Richman, it was probably a supervising Judge or Political figure who spoke with him of the consequences of dismissing the case against Richard and Neil.

So the fear was out there and to make sure the D.A. and the Judge knew he meant business, Gary shows up to the sentencing with his two very expensive high powered attorneys in tow, sitting there in the courtroom the entire day making sure the Judge was aware he meant business.

The Judge took his only out, making many reversible errors in the process which should leave no doubt that the appellate court should overturn the verdict.  It got Richman out of danger and Knowles as well, not to mention the entire D.A.'s office.

Heaven forbid Gary Michelson comes after the D.A.'s office with a Billion Dollar lawsuit.  He'd lose of course but how much would it have cost the city, how many jobs would have been lost? This could have also led to an internal investigation on the way this case was filed by Steven Cooley and other high level officials in the D.A.'s office.  Everyone would have been pointing the finger at Judge Richman.

Seeing it from his side, I would probably have done the same, unless I was just about to retire and take my pension, but Judge Richman still has a good 20 year career ahead of him.  Why throw it away.  Nope, he can't do that.  He's appears to be a good Judge but that's the way this system works. Richard and Neil are the real victims here and the Real criminal, Gary Michelson, is still out there pretending to be somebody he's not, a  "Billionaire philanthropist!" He's a crazy Sociopath and should be locked up before he hurts anyone else.  That's POLITICS!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015:  It's time for KARMA to run over Gary's Dogma.

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