Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gary Michelson, Neil Campbell, criminal hearing transcript, corruption, DA, Forbes, billionaire, crazy

Judge Michael E. Pastor, Gary Michelson, Neil Campbell, criminal, case, Forbes, billionaire
Gary Michelson, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds. If you want transcripts of the public hearings, you can contact the court. Give them the exact date and time of the hearing, case number and they will give you an estimate for the minutes. You can go to http://app4.lasd.org/iic/ajis_search.cfm and search for inmate "Neil Campbell" to see when his next hearing is scheduled and where. If one party has already ordered the minutes, which you know for sure the state has done, it's cheaper so wait for them to order it first. Ask to make sure the state ordered it first. They will give you the minutes in text, pdf or paper format. Digital is cheaper. Plus, no one wants to waste paper and trees, except Gary Michelson of course. Here is Neil's next hearing. Because Philip is not in jail there's no way for me to know his next hearing. If you want to go to this hearing, go here 210 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA. M51 is on the 7th Fl. Rm 7-313. Judge Pastor, phone (213) 974-6043 if you have questions. He should be the judge for the next hearing. Parking is expensive unless you walk many blocks.

Next Court Code: M51       Next Court Date: 04/22/2014       Next Court Time: 0700       Next Court Case: BA40922502 

Court Address: 210 W. TEMPLE STREET       Court City: LOS ANGELESUPT

Here are the minutes from the February 28, 2014 hearing of Neil Campbell. Philip joined his motion to dismiss the case. I'm not an attorney. These minutes are here so you can read them and come to your own conclusion. Here is my summary and comments. The Judge's ruling is all that matters anyway, be it a fair ruling or not. In summary Neil lost his motion to dismiss. They scheduled the preliminary hearing.

Neil filed a motion to dismiss due to violations of due process and unclean hands. Philip joined in that motion. Neil's attorney argued that the events in question took place 14 years ago. Too much time has lapsed. No records currently exist which would exonerate Neil as the banks destroyed records years ago. He also argued that Gary Michelson gave 40 or so CD's full of records to the DA who initiated the case. They admit it didn't start with LAPD which is how it should have started. They argued that Gary Michelson is leading the case which I totally agree. He is the main driving force behind prosecution of this case. Gary only gave records he wanted to give. Of course he would only give records which would show what might appear to be theft or fraud. They could even be forged. I haven't seen these records so I don't know.  I know Gary Michelson and he loves to call people criminals even if they've committed no crime. He did this to Loftus who sued him for defamation... Gary settled instantly.

Neil's attorney previously brought up the corruption and campaign donations involving Dr Gary Michelson and the DA earlier. I've discussed that here. They brought up the fact that Gary threatened Neil with criminal prosecution years earlier. Gary threatened to spend a 1/4 billion to prosecute Neil. Gary's gnawing off his leg again in vengeance. Gary already took everything Neil had. They argued that they took too long to bring the criminal charges as the most recent event happened in 2006. If they'd filed it in 2006, Neil might have had some records or documents to prove his innocence. Neil and Philip admit they didn't respond to civil suit as there was no way they could go up against a billionaire. I don't blame them. They would need more money than Gary to win even though I think based on the evidence they are innocent, or at least Philip is. I don't know if Neil had a legal fiduciary relationship with Gary in C&M Investments.

The Judge ruled in favor of the state. This means he feels there were no unclean hands. He went on to say even if there were, that is not cause to dismiss based on non-existent case precedent. Judge said that Neil was sued in civil court and should have saved some documents, evidence that would prove his innocence. Neil probably thought he committed no crime, why should he have to worry about defending himself against a crime which was not committed. The case will continue.

A preliminary hearing will take place late April. Neil and Philip had to waive their right to due process. Neil's been in jail way over six months which is the maximum they are allowed to keep someone in a major criminal case. Judge at least tried to schedule the preliminary hearing as soon as possible. The prelim hearing will establish if there is enough verifiable evidence to prove that a crime was committed. If the Judge rules at that time there is not enough evidence, case is dismissed. If he rules there is enough evidence, they proceed to trial.

I believe Judge Michael E. Pastor is prejudiced for the state and against defendants.  He was the Judge for the Conrad Murray criminal case.  Pg. 175. lines 4-8.  Knowles the attorney for the DA stated that Michelson did not participate in the investigation. Gary Michelson most certainly did. He gave the DA lots of data and I believe he asked them to prosecute. He didn't go to the LAPD because the LAPD knows Gary Michelson is a crazy nut who tries to file false criminal complaints against innocent people, i.e. Loftus. Gary Michelson gave money to DA Steve Cooley and his successor Lacey. Weeks after giving money to Lacey the DA starts investigating the case. They go public with charges weeks after another donation. I showed proof of this in earlier posts.

Pg. 176, Lines 15-24: "Evidence is collected by Sheriffs or Police."  It wasn't in this case.  It was collected by the D.A. directly from Michelson's attorneys. I filed a police report against someone. I offered a statement, photos, videos. They told me they would not accept that, would not even put it in the file. They said they must do their own investigation. They will request evidence and talk to witnesses. If I can't even give evidence to the LAPD, how can Gary Michelson give documents to the DA? That's how effed up this case is.

Pg. 177 : Lines 17-28  Pg. 178:  Neil's  attorney Michaels states there is no way Neil can get any evidence to prove his innocence. No documents currently exist. The State waited too long to prosecute. I don't know what the statute of limitations is for criminal actions let alone criminal actions in a third world country like Costa Rica.

Pg. 181: Lines 22-26 Court: The Judge says there was dramatic name calling. I don't see anyone name calling Gary Michelson except me and I was not there. Is the Judge reading this blog where I state that I think Gary Michelson is mentally ill and a pathological liar? It's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. I also have backed this up with documentation. Gary Michelson committed perjury in my case. That I know for sure.

Pg. 182:  Lines 18-16  The Judge states Neil has to show evidence of prejudice. I believe he has. Neil is being prejudiced because there are no documents or evidence that currently exist that could prove that he committed no crime. Any documents were destroyed by the Costa Rican banks long ago. Neil will be prejudiced if the case continues because it will be physically impossible to show his innocence. Neil will not receive due process of law, a fair trial because it's physically impossible for him to provide evidence to prove his innocence due to the passage of so much time. They should have filed this case much earlier then Neil would have had evidence of his innocence. Perhaps that is why Gary waited so long.

The Judge then seemed to basically make arguments on behalf of the state.  Judge ruled for the state. Case continues. Preliminary hearing end of April. It will take four days. I'll be there. This will not be a fair trial as I'm looking at it. That is exactly what Dr Gary Michelson wanted and paid the DA to do. Mentally ill, vengeful, vindictive, pathological liar Gary Michelson's goal was to use his money to hurt his ex-friend as much as possible. He admitted the same to Neil. "There hath no fury like a Gary Michelson scorned." Gary's good friend told me that and it's true. Gary Michelson admitted that he is a very vengeful person. He admitted that vengeance in the patent lawsuits ate him up, gave him high blood pressure, destroyed his first marriage. He stated that "Vengeance is gnawing on a leg and looking down and realizing it’s your own. –Gary Michelson." This is now a featured quote on Forbes about billionaires. Gary's is the only quote that is depressing. It really shows how crazy Gary is to reveal this to the world that he's a nasty, mean, obsessed, effed up person.

Here is the transcript as pdf.


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