Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dr Gary Michelson, Russian mail order bride Alya Michelson, Forbes, billionaire

Gary Michelson, Alya Michelson, Russian mail order bride, Forbes, billionaire

I have a Google alert for any news related to Gary Michelson. I received the alert and the ad above popped up. The ad is for Russian mail order brides. I decided to do some research on Russian mail order brides. Below is the wikipedia page.


The people who arrange mail order brides prefer to call themselves an "international marriage agency." They said that a marriage agency is no different than a child adoption agency. Wait a second here. When you adopt a child you want to love, cherish and give it the best life as your child. When you "adopt" a "wife" there will most likely be sex, babies, house cleaning, massages...involved. This is very, very different.

To me arranged marriages for money are prostitution. A woman agrees to get money in exchange for marrying someone who could not find a wife in his own country on his own. This woman wants money and a more affluent lifestyle. That's the only reason they agree to it.

The women who want to be brides have "model" or "singles" pages online. I would think it'd be pretty embarrassing if you're a woman looking to be a mail order bride and  your friends see your ad. That is why you list yourself as a "model."

Most likely this man will have major issues kind of like Dr. Gary Michelson. Gary Michelson has psychological issues. I've been told when he's on psych meds he is kind of down and doesn't feel as energetic or creative. This is why he doesn't like being on meds. When he's off meds is when he has anger management issues. It's also when he'll talk to anyone on the phone for hours about his visions, plans.... When he'd do this to me I was not able to reply. It was a one way communication. Gary Michelson would even talk to crazy people, people with criminal records, members of terrorist organizations.....

This is key to understanding Gary Michelson's deep seated psychological problems. He was in high school as a senior with his brother Eric who is older. Dr. Eric Michelson is good looking, well adjusted, popular, was involved in many social and sport activities in school. Gary Michelson was (?) funny looking. He was not involved in any social groups or sports in school. He didn't even live with the rest of his family or brothers.

Eric Michelson was born September 18, 1947. Gary Michelson was born January 14, 1949, 1.5 years later.  Eric Michelson as a senior lived at 7273 Mansfield, Philadelphia, PA 19138. Gerald "Gary" Michelson as a senior same year as his brother lived at 1805 E Hazzard, Philadelphia, PA 19125 6.5 miles away. Why did they live in separate homes?

Eric Michelson in his senior year book said he wanted to be a doctor. He was on the baseball team four years, scholastic 4 years, Gold Key Service Certificate, Student Tutor, Assistant Editor, Contributor, Corridor Patrol, Stamp and Coin club, Varsity Table Tennis.

Gary Michelson in his senior year book said he wanted to be a lawyer (not a doctor). He was not involved in any clubs or sports. He was not on any honor roll, received no certificates or awards.

Below are their high school senior year books photos. They don't even look related. They were in the same senior class the same year.
Gary Michelson has always said he's the youngest of four brothers. He said for that reason when he came along his mother didn't have the time to dote on him like she did her first born Eric. Gary is the second born, not the fourth. The two brothers behind him are successful, well adjusted professionals. They didn't have Gary's problems. 

Gary Michelson continues to lash out against his mother in interviews. I've seen her Facebook page. She is a very nice person who dotes on all her kids, grand kids and great grand kids. She has never said a bad word about anyone or Gary. Obviously Gary Michelson is the one with the major psychological issue. I have a feeling Gary Michelson probably acted out as a kid especially during the tough high school years. Maybe mom thought he'd do better with his grandmother or someone else across town. 

I just remembered this. Ellin Michelson Blumenthal's last husband died and left money to her and her four boys. Ellin had to sue the estate. You can see the lawsuit and appeal online. Ellin and her sons got the money. Even after this Gary Michelson still bad mouths his mom. 

Back to the mail order bride. I believe I found her "mail order bride" site in this "model" site. She does not look or act like a model in the site. In these pics she's heavier, wearing heavier makeup, hair is dyed too red, bright red nail polish, rings, looks a little sloppy for a "model." These are the only two photos in her "model" page. You can give her gifts in the page. She says she will "make you lucky." 

From Forbes, "Living in Venice Beach, Michelson rose at 5:30 and did Jungian-guided visualization exercises to hone his confidence and focus. “A lot of people are scared to be themselves,” says Michelson, who references books like Self-Parenting and A Course in Miracles. After meditation he drove to work, met with his patients at 7 a.m., operated until 1 p.m., saw more patients in clinic until 6, then came home, walked his dogs, trained for triathlons and then spent much of the night in his garage on his inventions. He gave away his television to avoid distractions. He avoided marriage and fatherhood because he was so busy, and also because he thought he wouldn’t be very good at either.

Michelson did not recover from waging the legal battle, he says, until he stopped hating his enemies at Medtronic. “Vengeance is gnawing on a leg and looking down and realizing it’s your own,” he says, quoting another spiritual guidebook. Michelson says he was unable to sleep well for four years, had to give up his medical practice, got divorced (he had married in 2000) and developed high blood pressure. His personal life appears to remain unmoored. He was recently engaged, but his fiancée broke it off three weeks before the wedding. He’d like kids but fears he’s getting too old to be around for long enough. He lives in a mostly unfurnished home in one of Los Angeles’ canyons."

Gary Michelson said he didn't think he'd be any good at marriage or fatherhood. He also said he thinks he's too old to be around for kids. Why then did he "marry" Alya and have kids? I personally believe it's because he's getting older and realizes he won't live forever. He can't take his money with him (if he could, he would) so he made a couple of mini Garys so he can give the money to himself.

"His foundation has hired seven people, including a director, Aimee Gilbreath, a Stanford M.B.A. who worked at Boston Consulting Group. They’ve learned that Michelson’s money opens doors quickly but is also a magnet for wackos. A suicidal cat hoarder who had been raided by animal control officers called recently to beg for money. Michelson appears to have found the one cause that animates him as much as his business life did. “There’s no limit to the number of good causes,” he says. “I have to pick the one that makes me feel the best.” "

Here he again talks about how he will give him money to whichever cause makes him "feel the best." His goal is not to help people, animals or the environment, but just to "feel good." Crazy enough to think it but super crazy to tell the world this. He comes across as only caring about feeling good.

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