Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dr. Gary Michelson's personal war on books. Publishers are not allowed to make money.

Dr Gary Michelson believes textbook publishers are evil. Publishers are "profoundly cheating students." Textbook publishers run a business. That is the business of making money from publishing textbooks. Gary Michelson believes he is the only person who is allowed to make money. It's okay for Gary Michelson to steal someone's invention, run and patent it then sell it for $1.3 billion dollars. It's okay that people who need back surgery must now pay $55,000 for one titanium screw because of his patent and patent wars. But, heaven forbid a book publishing company or writer actually make a buck or turn a profit.

Gary Michelson via Dean Florez states textbook publishers McGraw-Hill, Pearson and HMH are "greedy" and hate students. They want students to drop out of school and fail. Gary Michelson who has lived under a rock for the last 20 years without email or an Internet connection believes he knows more about computer and Internet technology than everyone else. Gary Michelson thinks he alone has the solution to the high cost of textbooks. His invention that is going to deconstruct the world is ... digital books <eye roll>.

Gary Michelson is going to use his money to destroy book publishers and their business because he thinks they are greedy. $150 for a book? That's too much! $55,000 for one titanium screw? Nothing wrong with that.

Fortunately the book publishers are way ahead of Gary Michelson. Book publishers know we're in the digital age. They know they have to go digital or die just like the photomats had to change when digital cameras came around.

A few of the publishers got together and started CoursesMart.com . Their books are now digital for high school and college. High schools have been using them since 2012. They started this company around 2005 if not earlier before Gary was a billionaire.

Think about it. Books today are created digitally. They've been created digitally since the dawn of word processing and computers which would be 1980 if not earlier. Publishers then print the books to paper. It is not a revolutionary idea that they would sell the digital copies of the books. There's no great leap there. It's a logical evolutionary progression and conclusion.

I just read this ridiculous article which Dean Florez wrote for 20 Million Minds on Medium. This kind of reminds me of Nathan Winograd. Dean Florez viciously attacks textbook publishers just like Nathan Winograd viciously attacks animal shelters and anyone who doesn't support him. Dean Florez has created a problem which does not exist. He did this so he'd have a job with Gary kissing Gary's ass. Dean says "books cost too damn much. That is why people are dropping out of school in such high numbers today." He then makes a little chart based on numbers he seems to have pulled out of thin air to show book prices rising faster than cost of living. He adds a bunch of other statistics that he got from Lord only knows where.

Dean Florez has created a problem. He said he has also created the solution. Let's make paper textbooks digital and copyright free and sell them for less than the big publishers. He basically wants to take the textbook publishers business away from them and give that money to someone else. Instead of a person spending $150 for a book, they will spend $20 for the book and spend the other $130 on songs, movies and frappaccinos. Will these cheap books help more students get a college degree? Will a college degree help people make more money? Is making more money the goal? Soon he will be claiming victory even if nothing changes or they just waste a ton of money doing nothing. His main goal is to make Gary feel good so Gary will continue giving him a salary. Gary Michelson really sets himself up to get fleeced.

20 Million Minds got the name from the fact that there are supposedly 20 million kids in college in the US. I'm sure that number is probably off. I know how Gary likes to make shit up. UPDATE: Just checked. Yup, it's off. It's actually 14M-17M. 14M in undergraduate, 2+ million in graduate school. 57% are women, 30% minorities, 60% full-time. Gary fluffing up the number again because he thinks "20 Million Minds" has a nice ring to it. http://www.statisticbrain.com/college-enrollment-statistics/

I have a great idea! Someone should invent a fake disease called crazybillionaireitis. They should approach Gary to ask for money to cure this horrible and debilitating disease which affects crazy billionaires. Gary will of course want to help billionaires so he'll give them $2 million dollars. They will then furiously work to cure this devastating disease, having meeting, writing papers, giving presentations... After two years they will release a lot of positive press saying "we're almost there! We just need another $2 million and I think we've got this disease licked." Gary of course will give them more money. And repeat.

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