Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gary Michelson, is his philanthropy helping or hurting? Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds

Dr. Gary Michelson, G Karlin Michelson, 20 Million Minds, Forbes, billionaire, Found Animals Foundation.

Gary Michelson is worth $1.4B. He received $1.3B in a settlement with Medtronic over his spine patents. He stated he will give all of that money to charity to help stop pet overpopulation and help people's backs. Recently he stated he hasn't given any of the $1.3B settlement. He states he's been donating some money earned off his investments only. He has not funded the three main foundations he started. What have his donations done so far?

Animals - Found Animals Foundation

Dr Gary Michelson December 2005 said he would use his money and the scientific method to solve pet overpopulation. He told Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to hire Ed Boks then he would give AV $10,000,000. Gary Michelson, the Mayor, City of Los Angeles did not research into Ed Boks' past. Ed Boks is a nokill fraud. He states he made the first nokill cities but didn't. He states he reduced euthanasia in all shelters where he worked but that was another lie. Ed Boks was fired from his last three GM positions and even lies about that. I sued him and got a settlement.

Mayor hired Ed Boks but Gary did not give him the money as promised. I know because the Mayor, Deputy Mayor were yelling at me asking for the money. I seriously thought and stated Gary Michelson was busy setting up the foundation.

Euthanasia went up in 2006 even though Ed Boks said it went down. The next year Ed Boks fudged the books and it appeared euthanasias went down, same with 2008. Ed Boks refused the animals most likely to be euthanized and most likely to reproduce. He actually made things worse in LA. That was Dr Gary Michelson's doing because he paid the Mayor to hire him.

Even after Ed Boks was fired euthanasia went up. It went up because of the mistakes Ed Boks made. If you refuse intact kittens, feral cats, intact pits, you will end up with more animals when they reproduce. Only recently has the euthanasia rate started to go down. This is the result of many rescue groups doing spayneuter.

Gary Michelson has not awarded anyone the $25M prize. He has not found a permanent sterilant with his $50M in grants. He's given away very little and his research has not helped. He basically is giving grants to professional grant makers who are tailoring their applications to his prize. They aren't making any strides. Anyone who actually could make a sterilant would not sign up for his prize or grants. The sterilant would be worth more. I believe he's throwing away money on worthless research. So far the result is "more research needs to be done."

Medicine - Michelson Medical Foundation

Dr Gary Michelson has not funded his Michelson Medical Foundation as per his 990's. I haven't done that much research into that foundation but I don't see any advances. I will look more into it when I have the time. Anyone can check out guidestar.com to look at their 990's.

Free textbooks - 20 Million Minds

Dr Gary Michelson said he would make free textbooks for students. Not only has he not done that but people have been doing this for 20 years. They have been giving free textbooks and classes online. His 990's show he's spent very little money on this. I also don't understand why he is going to do the same thing other groups have already done and are continuing to do. Seems like a waste of funds. I believe his employees have convinced he's doing something "deconstructive" just so they can have a job.

This brings us to the conclusion. Dr Gary Michelson spreads news far and wide telling the world he will fund these foundations and help animals, people with back problems and poor students. He hasn't done any of these things. More recently he said he would give to whichever causes "makes him feel good." It's now not about helping animals, people with bad backs or poor students. It's only about making Gary Michelson feel good. Is this really charity, a philanthropic goal? No. It's tax evasion to make Gary feel good. His money would be better spent on therapy especially when you consider all the harm his appointment Ed Boks caused to animals.

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