Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gary Michelson hires someone to bury this blog. Good luck with that. Forbes billionaire

Gary Michelson hired Dory Andraos to try to bury this blog and all the information in it. It would be a lot easier if Gary Michelson just didn't do illegal, evil things. Then I'd have nothing to write about. I bet Dory here promised Gary Michelson he could bury this blog and make all his sites pull up ahead of it. Dory will not be able to keep that promise.


Dory Andraos went to Cal State Northridge which does not have a good accreditation or history. He also went to Pacific States University which he misspells in his linkedin page as "Pacific State University." This is a private school accredited by ACICS. Real universities such as USC, UCLA are accredited by organizations such as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. That is a "true" accreditation. Pacific States University is an Internet school with some classes in Korea Town. It's basically run out of an office on Wilshire Blvd.

Dory here worked for evil VCA. VCA is a public company that bought a lot of small veterinary offices. They declaw cats, debark dogs, dock tails, cut ears. They are known as the McDonalds of veterinary hospitals. If you go in to neuter your cat, they will tell you, you should declaw it at the same time to save money on the anesthesia. It's like asking someone if they want fries with with their burger order. They even try to sell you a four paw declaw. I think they were one of the groups that fought us when we banned declaw in LA and other cities in the US. We even got death threats from vets and vet organizations.

Dory Antoun Andraos (December 15, 1973) and his wife Laura Sonia Hecht Flores Andraos (September 1959, September 1962 when she lies about her age) who works with the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission bought a shitty, tiny, cheap one bedroom, one bath 812 sf home on a 4,000 sf lot in a bad area of Whittier in 2004 for $290,000 with a $232,000 loan. Actually the wife bought it. That means Dory had no money and shitty credit. Then they got an equity line and stopped making payments on the home in 2012. They owed nine months of mortgage payments. They lost the home in foreclosure. The home sold in 2013 for $260,000, less than what they paid for it. That means they way over paid in 2005 and probably trashed the home. The MLS photo is only a pic of the outside. That generally means the inside is totally trashed. Evil pissed owners trash their house before they move out when they are foreclosed upon. It's actually a crime but banks know they'll never get any money suing them.

Their monthly mortgage payment was about $978. They couldn't pay $978 a month? Obviously a couple of total losers who can't pay $978 a month. Your mortgage payment can't be over about 30% of your monthly income. That means these two working people's income is $3,260 or $1,600 each. I wonder how much Gary is paying this guy. We know VCA pays people shit. If Gary Michelson is paying this guy more than $2,000 a month, he's overpaying...again. What type of person runs out on a mortgage like this? They obviously both now have shitty credit.

He supposedly wrote this as per his LinkedIn. He is from Lebanon. It doesn't appear that English was his first language. His LinkedIn account says he only speaks English. If English is his first and only language, this is even worse. This is riddled with mistakes and he's supposed to be doing marketing? The grammar is atrocious! Unless "something really bad happened?" Those are the words of a seven year old. He ends a sentence with a preposition. He put the wrong quotation marks in the wrong place. He doesn't understand the difference between singular and plural. He uses little kid language. "Something really bad" would not be a highly contagious disease. URI, kennel cough are highly contagious but they rarely kill an animal. "Something really bad" would be "something" that causes the most harm like Parvovirus, Distemper and Feline panleukopenia.

"Pets adopted from animal care and control facilities come from many ‘sources’. They can be brought to the facility through local relinquishments, captured as local strays, or from far away through transfers made in an effort to better serve local market needs. Given the closed housing environments, pets will always get exposed to pathogens. The best shelter management can do is to minimize exposure (through best practices and standard operating procedures) and control outbreaks of diseases early on. Follow-up post adoption often does not include topics related to the pet’s health management, unless something ‘really bad’ happened (highly contagious disease). In such cases the information obtained is most often shared with the shelter from external sources, comes in too late (survey weeks or months post-adoption), or is too inconsistently shared (reactive) to be of actionable value.Through a network of shelter & veterinarian relationships, we established a consistent and sustainable process to identify, capture, track and report health status information from new adopters visiting VCA hospitals back to the management team at the shelters we work with.
The potential for future early disease outbreak detection and disease spread mapping is very exciting. Adoption from partners and early results from a 60 days pilot are extremely encouraging."

He had a speeding ticket. Birth date is off. His wife also seems to have a criminal record under Flores but I can't seem to pull it up.

Race: WHITE   SEX: M
Counts: 1
Source: azaoc
Case Type: TRAFFIC   Case #: J-1504-TR-20014205
Charges Files Date: 12/03/2001   Disposition Date: 01/22/2002
Case Type: TRAFFIC   Source State: AZ   Source Name: AZ COURTS
Address: 3415 MIDVALE AVE   City: LOS ANGELES   State: CA   Zip: 90034

He started a business in 2014 which failed called Hotrevu Enterprises. I think he was trying to knock off HotReview website. He's into expensive cars though he doesn't have one. He hates Israel and the United States. He is pro-Palestine. He's very adamant that the US and Israel are evil and wrong. How does that sit with Jewish Gary Michaelson who is pro Israel and the US? His father is Antoun Andraos, mother is Alba who live in Lebanon. Sister Lana, brothers Daniel, Andre, Ibrahim. His first language is indeed Lebanese as his sister went to University in Beirut and Kuwait. She's only four years older and lives in Victorville working as a real estate agent.

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