Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dr. Gary Michelson patents nipples, sues women and God

Below is a search for Inventor Gary K. Michelson. You can also search for "MichaElson." He spells his name both ways.


I looked at a few of these inventions. He "invented" a bone chisel. It's a chisel. Just a chisel. It looks like a regular chisel. I don't get it. I've had to invent tools to feed super tiny baby mammals and I wouldn't bother patenting anything. I've even hand made, rolled micro nipples and again, no patent. Not only that but I give my ideas away for free to help animals. My manuals are also free...because I actually want to help animals and people.

Could you imagine if I were to have patented my micro feeding instruments? I could be like Dr. Gary Michelson. I would then sue the shit out of everyone who feeds baby animals. I will tell them they must pay a million dollar license and legal fees if they use "MY" design. They would all go bankrupt and be forced to let all the baby animals die. Dr. Gary Michelson would do that. He's that bitter and mean spirited. He would even patent the process, i.e. "you put food in the baby's mouth." Then if anyone put food in a baby's mouth, he could sue them. He'd be walking up to babies on the street and smacking them on the back of the head so they would spit their food out. Then he'd yell "I invented feeding! Give me money or stop feeding that baby!" He might even try to patent the acts of swallowing, digesting, breathing, your heart beating, taking a crap...

In fact, I'm amazed that he doesn't patent nipples. Then he could sue the makers of baby bottle nipples even though nipples are copied from God's design. He could even sue women who breast feed. In fact, to hell with God! Gary Michelson would run to the patent office and file the paperwork to patent nipples before God could get down there. Gary would argue that God shared his design by allowing women to run around with nipples. Gary could then sue God for using his nipple design when he made women. Gary would force God to remove nipples from women because God couldn't afford to reply to Gary's lawsuit because by now Gary controls all the money and lawyers in the world so God would lose by default.  Women would have to buy their nipples back from Gary. God would be thrown in jail for grand theft of Gary's nipple idea. Gary wins!

Gary Michelson trolls spine conventions so he can look at products on display and threaten to sue exhibitors, vendors. Now he could just go door to door to people's homes. "Ma'am, are you breast feeding in there? I'm gonna sue you if you don't pay me a license! I invented nipples! I invented the feeding process of putting food in a baby's mouth! I invented the Internet! I invented everything! Die, die, die!"

This is ironic. Dr. Gary Michelson started another foundation called "20 million minds." He wants to make pdf versions of school books and give them away for free. He says books are too expensive. Oh, you mean like spinal implants and back surgery? An author noted that Gary's patent litigation has increased the cost of spine surgery by $6,000 per surgery. Doesn't the writer, inventor "deserve" to make a shit load of money? Is Gary going to pay a license for the books or just steal the copyrighted materials? Maybe he'll hire people in India to plagiarize the books like ***does and change one word in each paragraph so he could copyright it. Then he could go back and sue the person who actually wrote the original. I think I'm starting to understand how Gary's mind works. Patents + lawyers + money + EGO = Gary K. Michelson.

UPDATE: I just searched "nipple" in patents. There are a slew of patented nipples. They are all just nipples! They are duplicates of the human design. Here's but one below. It also includes a "method of feeding a liquid." It's identical to what I made and use. Will I be sued? This whole patent idea is pretty ridiculous.

"It is intended to provide an artificial nipple, whereby a liquid feed or a test solution can be voluntarily and orally given to animals with a need for feeding such as mouse infants, a feeding bottle appropriately usable in combination with the nipple, a device for feeding a liquid comprising them, and a method of feeding a liquid. The artificial nipple is characterized by having a replaceable duct therein and having a structure preventing a liquid from piling up in the nipple except in the nipple tip and the duct, while the feeding bottle is characterized by having a replaceable tube therein."

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