Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dr. Gary Michelson defames me and commits perjury

I worked for the City of Los Angeles as an independent contractor through a grant from the Found Animals Foundation in 2006. I was paid hourly to help Ed Boks because his webmaster went on maternity leave and never returned. No one in the Dept knew how to update the website.

Ed Boks kept making huge mistakes getting himself in trouble. Every time I would warn him but he refused to listen. Finally Ed Boks blames me for his mistakes and I get fired. Boks apologized and said he'd make it up to me by getting me another job and grant. He doesn't.

I  kept asking him about the job and grant. Finally before the statute of limitations is up to file a legal claim, he tells me he has no job or grant for me. This was also after I refused his advances.

I found a lawyer, told him what happened, showed him all the emails. He said I should sue Ed Boks, the City, Gary Michelson and Found Animals Foundation. I stupidly said "Gary is a good guy. The Foundation is doing good things. How about we just sue the City and Ed Boks? Boks may be broke but the city is not. They can cover my damages and losses." He filed a suit against only the City and Ed Boks even though Gary and the Foundation were the ones paying my bill. Gary is the one who told me to do whatever Ed Boks needed done. If he didn't pay me, I would not have continued as a volunteer. I was going to quit which is why Boks asked Gary to pay me.

My attorney would put his phone on speaker phone when he spoke with the City attorney. In the first phone call the City attorney thinks my claims are fake. A week later my attorney hands over this huge stack of emails from Ed Boks. Ed Boks admitted to every inappropriate thing and mistake he ever made. He even apologized in email. The emails would embarrass the city to no end as Boks used to email drunk. I even told Boks to stop putting these things in email for fear someone would send in a state info act request. People actually did send in requests for the emails but the city attorney denied the requests making up one reason or another.

In the second call the City attorney instantly says "let's just settle this quickly and quietly." We go to mediation and mediate for an hour. The mediator comes back into our room and says "the defendants have a statement from your boss saying he fired you because you did a bad job." I said "what? that's impossible. Gary loved my work and said he didn't fire me." I asked "who signed that statement? Gary?" She said "I don't think so." I assume it must be Dave.

My attorney tells me to call Dave and see if he wrote a statement. I called Dave from mediation and he said he didn't write a statement. All this time I'm assuming my attorney would give me a copy of all documents he and the other side filed. I also assumed he'd read their replies. He didn't. At that time I thought the defendant must be making this up. There can't be a statement. Gary wouldn't write one. My attorney would have seen it.

I decided to go online and check legal filings. I find all these documents that defendants filed that I didn't receive. Defendants made a lot of totally false statements. Then I see Gary's sworn declaration. He stated he fired me because I did a bad job. I'm shocked. I call and leave a message, send a fax and letter. No reply. I ask Gary's personal close friends what is the polite thing to do here. Should I add him to the lawsuit, sue him for defamation, ask for a retraction...? They tell me to ask him to retract his statement. If he doesn't send another letter asking him to make things right. Still no answer state that I will be forced to sue. I did that, no reply.

In Gary's statement the name of his foundation is spelled wrong so I bet the city attorney wrote it and Gary just signed it. Gary also doesn't write anything. All he does is sign checks.

Gary does nothing to make the situation right. I had been supporting and defending him for two years and he stabbed me in the back. For the life of me I don't know why he did this. I never said or did anything against him at that time. He asked me to write a statement for him when he said he was going to sue Loftus. I agreed to but he never sued Loftus. Loftus sued him and got a settlement.

I was going to use the same lawyer Dave used to sue Gary for defamation. I spoke with him and he said I have a great case but he doesn't want to go after Gary again because his lawyers are ruthless. I decide that I should just lick my wounds and carry on.

Gary does not stop defaming me. He tells his employees, friends...that I defamed him. I have never defamed him. To this day Gary continues. I am now speaking out to set the record straight. Gary is not honest. He defamed me and lied in his statement. I wish I filed a motion for perjury and fraud against Gary in my case. Because of his false statement I barely got anything in my lawsuit even though I was in the right with a ton of evidence.

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