Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gary Michelson intentionally destroys his gardener, Forbes, billionaire, muahaha!

Gary Michelson's $5,000,000 trellis, garden, rock wall, waterfall, Forbes, billionaire, muahaha!
I have uncovered some very unsettling information about Gary Michelson. Again, everyone, do NOT do business with him. Do NOT work for him. Do NOT accept money from him. Most important NEVER be his friend. He manages to destroy all his friends, employees, independent contractors.... This next tale of the evilness that is Gary Michelson is a cautionary tale. This is what he does to people. I guess I was lucky I didn't work for him too long. Still, he committed perjury which really hurt my lawsuit.

Gary Michelson hired a French national named Henry who was an extremely talented horticulturalist and landscape designer. Henry had already done some big jobs in Beverly Hills and was well established. Gary asked Henry to design the most fantastic garden possible which would be the envy of all. Henry happily went to work designing and building an incredible garden.

This garden has a 50 foot tall waterfall with a 150 foot tall rock wall which was to have thousands of orchids, hundreds of different species. They had to tear out an entire hill to achieve this which upset the neighbors who reported Gary to building and safety. Gary hooked up with the engineer who built the 80,000 sq ft + house behind me. That engineer knows how to get around all the codes. I know because I've been following the project behind me. You can see all he did to the property in the previous post. Last time I saw the property he had the original pool and the trellis, nothing more. His rear yard was basically flat with a gentle downslope. In order to build a 150 foot tall rock wall he'd have to dig out 150 feet of dirt! This is a bad idea on so many levels the least of which is he's in an earthquake fault and liquifaction zone. He really dinged the value of his property by digging out the site. Flat lots are much more desirable. The garden visitors said they had to climb many steep stairs.

Henry spent five years building this most amazing garden. Gary kept asking for something new possibly to keep Henry around because Gary probably "liked" him. Keep in mind Gary has no real friends. The only way he can have anyone want to hang around him is if he pays them. He had to buy his Russian mail order beard. No way would she ever have anything to do with him if he didn't pay her. You know that joke "you were so ugly that your dog wouldn't even play with you unless you were covered with baloney?" With Gary he has to cover himself with $1,000 bills in order for anyone to even want to talk to him.

Anyway Henry felt that Gary was strange and he felt uncomfortable. Everyone who meets Gary says the same thing. I thought he was strange the first second I met him. Eventually Henry lands a big commercial job in Florida so he moves there and buys a house. Funny, Neil moved to Florida as well. Maybe because it's the farthest US state away from California and Gary.

Gary being evil, petty Gary starts to feel like maybe he was somehow cheated. Actually I bet he didn't feel cheated. He probably just wanted to be mean to Henry because Henry left. I think Gary makes up this "I was cheated!" crap in his mind to justify destroying someone for his own pleasure. The entire time Henry was building the garden he gave all receipts to Gary. Gary decides to ask another landscape designer how much it would cost to duplicate this garden. He gave them all the specs with the list of all items bought without the prices. The new landscape designer thinks about it a few days and says "$3 million and two years." Well, Gary spent $5 million and five years to build his current garden. He is of course livid and goes on a rampage like he always does. He feels "cheated." He decides to destroy Henry. I would bet the new landscape person intentionally bid it low knowing he could add on fees and costs later as over run. I doubt Gary was cheated of anything.

Gary Michelson sues Henry for $5 million for fraud. Henry had just bought a $500K house and had $400K in cash. He tells this to Gary who asks for his house and all his money. They finally settle because Henry doesn't want to get in a fight with Gary and he gives him all his money. Keep in mind Henry was making good money before he met Gary. Obviously Henry would not spend five years of his time building a garden for Gary for no money. That would be ridiculous.

Back to what I was saying yesterday as I reviewed the permits for the garden. They were listed as owner. Generally you would have the name of a licensed, bonded, legal landscape designer/contractor. That didn't happen because Henry is a French national without a green card. I have a feeling this is why Gary hired Henry because he wasn't licensed or a citizen. This way he can really eff him up.

Even after Gary agrees to take the $400K to settle things Gary is not satisfied. Gary turns Henry into the IRS for tax evasion. IRS takes his house and he gets four years in prison but is out in two. Right before he's about to get out Gary calls immigration services. They arrest and deport him the day he's supposed to get out of jail.

Gary is very proud of his evil plan and starts bragging about what he did to people. He says paraphrased "I sue them in civil court, get everything I possibly can from them, then I turn them into the IRS and they can take whatever is left. If I'm still not satisfied, I file criminal charges. By now they are so broke they can only get a public defender. With that they will be going to jail. Muahaha!" Okay, I added the last word but you get the picture.

That still is not enough. Gary likes to inflict as much evil as possible while making, stealing money and saving money on his taxes. Gary Michelson was charged with tax evasion by the IRS. He settled with them by paying the taxes and a penalty.

Gary papers people into indigence in civil court. Then he charges them in criminal court knowing they will be legally defenseless with a public defender and end up in jail. He gets a huge civil judgment for say $50,000,000 when he actually didn't lose any money. He then claims that as a loss to the IRS so he can write it off. Gary screws someone in civil court, screws them again in criminal court then he gets to screw the IRS. How's that for a win win win situation? Muahaha!

I think this is why Gary Michelson intentionally wanted a Russian mail order beard. He wants to totally control her and her kids. I bet he didn't make her a citizen. I bet Gary has her passport. I bet Gary has security watching and tracking her every move. Alya, girl, run back to Russia with your kids before Gary files false criminal charges against you, throws you in jail and takes your babies. I bet Gary will lie and claim Alya beat her baby so he can get her thrown in jail and he gets full custody of the kids. Then he'll report her and she'll be shipped back to Russia as a criminal.

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