Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya
Dr. Gary Karlin Michelson, Found Animals Foundation, Forbes billionaire, 20 Million Minds, Alya

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Gary Michelson may have a genetic deformity. Forbes, billionaire, teak plantation

Gary Michelson looks and acts very differently than his brothers and family members. Gary's head is shaped oddly and his hair line is too low. He used to grow his hair longer then have it cut to hide the shape of his head. He no longer does that. He claims he has large hands. People have told me he looks like he has slight microcephaly but he is of course intelligent. True "pin heads" are mentally challenged.

I met a doctor who'd met both Gary and his brothers. He said Gary always looked and acted extremely differently than his brothers. He agreed that his head is malformed and his body looks different than his brothers. He's also had major social issues his entire life. In high school his brother was in clubs, played sports, had lots of friends. Gary was not a member of any club, did no sports and was not in any group. If you look at his yearbook, he is the only one without listed interests. He only lists he wants to be a lawyer. This is probably why he had no friends growing up. He also had a separate address from his brothers even though he was in the same grade.Here they are same year in the same school and same grade even though Eric is older.

It seems there are a host of genetic and congenital issues which cause an odd shaped head, lower hair line, social, behavioral problems while leaving them with average or above average intelligence. They said they'd get back to me if they can pin point it.

I just did some research. A too low hairline is abnormal. It show signs of development problems. Large hands are also a deformity. Misplaced, oddly rotated ears is another sign. Odd skull shape is a definite sign. So are high arched brows. These are the symptoms of autism which would explain Gary's social issues and shyness at times. One can have normal or higher intelligence with autism. Rodger Elliot was a basically functional person on the autism scale who was intelligent. This is what I mean about his skull shape. If you were to see him in person, you would recognize that something is very different. If you'd ever had to relate to him in person, you will instantly realize his social and behavioral issues. I would bet he has Asperberger syndrome. He is either highly talkative talking to you on the phone for hours about animals or he doesn't talk at all especially in public face to face meetings.

Another symptom of Asperger is not being able to make eye contact, read body language, understand sarcasm or subtle emotional cues. Elliot Rodger believed men hated him and women didn't want to date him. He thought women rejected him so he hated them. Women did not reject Elliot as he never asked anyone out. I've noticed a theme with Gary. Everyone has cheated him. Everyone has wronged him. His mother ignored him. He had no friends growing up and it was all their fault.

People with Asperger stick to themselves, get intensely immersed in a project like patents. Gary admits he only worked, worked out, walked his dogs and tinkered with patents for years. With Gary he was also intensely immersed in acquiring money. He probably thought that would make everyone love him and he'd be happy. He even tried risky tax shelters then he got popped by the IRS for tax evasion. He's even hiding money in one of his non-profits. He also wanted everyone to think he was a great guy so he started these foundations. He thought that would make people love him but it hasn't. The only people around him now are solely there for his money.

Here's an example of his odd behavior. I had just been at his house few days earlier talking about animal issues. He's fine talking on the phone, at his house or on issues he is very familiar with. These are also symptoms of Asperger syndrome. I then saw him at the Genesis Awards. I was supposed to sit at his table. I met him in the hall and said "Hi, Gary, glad you could make it here tonight." He stared at me with a blank then almost frightened expression as he looked at my chest. Then he looked at my face with a blank stare while I said "I'll just meet you at the table" as I walked away. He still stood there. Recently people have told me he still does this at public events.

Few minutes later he is seated at Kathleen Riordan's table next to Dave. I bring my boyfriend over to introduce him. My boyfriend was jealous of the amount of time I was spending working on Gary's projects. I really needed to introduce him so he wouldn't think there was any monkey business. I say to Gary, "Hi, Gary, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend ****." Gary looks over with a blank stare at me and him, then Gary turns his head away and shoos, waves us away with the back of his hand. Dave shrugs his shoulders. I decided to go sit at another table while my boyfriend fumed all night. We ended up leaving early for this reason. There is definitely some deep seated behavioral social issue with Gary. Everyone who has met him will agree.

Just read that autism and these symptoms also correlate with genital malformations i.e., "hypospadias (the opening of the urethra, where urine emerges, is lower than it should be), cryptorchidism (undescended testes), chordee (curved penis), and micropenis." That would explain an awful lot especially the "lobster claw" and "palming a bowling ball with Wilt Chamberlain" references.

I just took a photo of Gary Michelson as a younger man and uploaded it to a site which rates attractiveness, health, facial features based on mathematical ratios of facial features based on research findings on health and beauty. This is the 1/5 and 1/3 rules. I used a younger photo because as we age our noses, ears get longer and our faces sag. It said Gary Michelson's face is asymmetric on every single level, deformed and legally "ugly" "unhealthy" based on research. He got a five on a scale of one to ten. Five doesn't sound that bad actually. Oddly enough Gary thinks he's "super good looking" and tells people that. I ran a pic of me and got a nine plus. It said everything was in perfect proportion but my eyes are a tiny bit too big proportionately. Perhaps I should have loaded up a pic of me without eyeliner? "Beauty" is actually based on how healthy one is perceived by outward signs. People who are "ugly" generally have bad genes for mating. This is why men are attracted to feminine young pretty women with proportionate facial features and bodies and women are attracted to strong, manly, powerful men. They are more likely to make healthy babies who will be protected.

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